Affordable Indianapolis Personal Injury Lawyers

Christopher Garrison

Christopher Garrison

Indianapolis, IN 46256
Indianapolis personal injury attorneys helping you get paid, get well, and get back to your life. Call today for a free personal injury consultation.
Bradley Lohmeier

Bradley Lohmeier    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46202
Based on professional experience, each client and case is truly unique. Lohmeier Law LLC was established in order to help meet those needs.
(317) 503-4978
Philip Hayes

Philip Hayes    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46204
Hayes Law Office legal practice focuses mainly on criminal defense and personal injury matters. We are fully committed to securing the best possible result for every client in any situation.
Darryl  Isaacs

Darryl Isaacs    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46204
Isaacs & Isaacs is a personal injury firm with lawyers available in the states of Kentucky and Indianapolis.
Isaacs & Isaacs Personal Injury Lawyers

Isaacs & Isaacs Personal Injury Lawyers    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46204
We have been the top personal injury lawyers in Indianapolis for over 20 years.
(317) 237-9000
Don Wruck

Don Wruck    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46240
Don is a founding member of the Wruck Paupore law firm. Over two decades of representing injury victims and their families, he has become one of the Midwest’s top-rated trial lawyer.
Ken Nunn

Ken Nunn    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46204
Ken Nunn Law Office is dedicated to protecting the rights of injured people in Indianapolis and across Indiana.
(317) 636-2236
Brandon Yosha

Brandon Yosha    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46260
After receiving his Juris Doctorate in July 2019, Brandon joined his father’s law practice at Yosha, Cook, and Tisch, where he currently serves as a Junior Partner.
(317) 334-9200
Charles Ward

Charles Ward    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46225
Attorneys Charlie & Don Ward exclusively practice personal injury law. For a free consultation with no obligation, call us before you call the insurance company! (317) 639-9501 .
(317) 639-9501
James Keller

James Keller    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46208
Jim Keller has practiced with Keller & Keller since 1989. His practice has a strong focus towards helping victims of serious automobile and semi-truck accidents.
Mark Nicholson

Mark Nicholson    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46220
Mark Nicholson is a People Helper Lawyer. It is his prior prison experience that gave him such passion for helping people like you. He is known as The Battery Man!
Craig Karpe

Craig Karpe    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46202
Karpe Litigation Group was established in 1999 by Attorney Craig Karpe in Indiana, United States.
(888) 228-7800
Tom Blackburn

Tom Blackburn    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46240
Indianapolis Personal Injury Law Firm
David Craig

David Craig    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46216
Serving Indiana residents as a personal injury lawyer since 1985.
Merry M. Fountain

Merry M. Fountain    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46290
My name is Merry Fountain, I am a Personal Injury Lawyer and founder of Fountain Law Firm serving seriously injured clients throughout all of Central Indiana.
Irwin Levin

Irwin Levin    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46204
Indinapolis Personal Injury Law Firm
Robert J Nice

Robert J Nice    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46260
Award winning lawyers in Indianapolis use their many years of experience and intimate knowledge of the law to help their clients with a variety of legal matters.
Thomas Doehrman

Thomas Doehrman    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46240
Doehrman Buba is one of the most experienced, well-regarded, and successful personal injury firms in the Indianapolis, IN area.
(317) 844-9999
William Hurst

William Hurst    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46204
William W. Hurst has focused his practice solely on helping accident victims receive the compensation they deserve for 35+ years.
(317) 636-0808
Bradley Keffer

Bradley Keffer    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46204
Bradley represents clients in a wide array of legal matters; however, his practice primarily focuses on criminal defense.
(317) 857-0160
Richard Malad

Richard Malad    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46204
Cohen & Malad, LLP was founded in 1968 by former Indiana Attorney General, John J. Dillon, Louis F. Cohen and others. Since that time, Cohen & Malad has grown to be a respected law firm
(317) 636-6481
Tom Doehrman

Tom Doehrman    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46240
Experienced and trusted Indianapolis personal injury and accident attorneys.
Stephen M. Wagner

Stephen M. Wagner    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IL 46204
Indiana personal injury lawyer.
(317) 218-4228
Jason Reese

Jason Reese    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IL 46204
Personal injury lawyer in Indiana.
(317) 218-4228
Richard Truitt

Richard Truitt    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46240
For more than 40 years, Truitt Law Offices has worked closely with personal injury victims and their families in in Northeastern Indiana.
John Lowery

John Lowery    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46204
John Lower is an Indianapolis attorney specializing in personal injury, product liability and construction/contract issues.
Jennifer Lee

Jennifer Lee    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46204
Jennifer Lee is an Indianapolis attorney specializing in the areas of wrongful death, personal injury litigation and serious injuries.
Merry  Fountain

Merry Fountain    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46240
Merry Fountain is a personal injury attorney working out of Indianapolis, IN. She has dedicated her life to representing injured victims after being involved in an accident herself.
(317) 917-7873
Roy Tabor

Roy Tabor    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46240
Roy Tabor is the founding member of Tabor Law Firm and has limited his practice to serious personal injury and wrongful death cases.
Jorge Rodriguez

Jorge Rodriguez    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46204
Since 1992 representing adults and juveniles in criminal defense and delinquency matters. Former Deputy Prosecutor and Public Defender with approx. 6,000 career cases.
Robert Feagley

Robert Feagley    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46204
Attorney Feagleys practice areas primarily involve personal injury litigation including serious injuries and wrongful death claims.
(317) 631-5151
Kimberly Danforth

Kimberly Danforth    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46220
She is a member of the Indianapolis, Indiana State and American Bar Associations; Indiana Trial Lawyers Association; and
Chris Eskew

Chris Eskew    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46204
When you are in trouble with the law in Indianapolis, then you need a quality Child Molestation Defense attorney who can help you tip the scales of justice in your favor.
(317) 974-0177
Ron Gemma

Ron Gemma    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46204
Criminal Defense Lawyer Indianapolis, Drug Crime Attorney Indianapolis, DUI/DWI Lawyer Indianapolis, Personal Injury Attorney Indianapolis, Auto Accident Lawyer Indianapolis
Sevenish Law Firm

Sevenish Law Firm    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46204
The Sevenish Law Firm of Indianapolis represents clients across Indiana in all types of vehicle and pedestrian accident and personal injury cases.
(317) 636-7777
William  W. Hurst

William W. Hurst    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46204
William W. Hurst is a Personal Injury Attorney and Managing Partner at Law Office Of William W. Hurst, LLC in Indianapolis, IN.
(317) 636-0808
Robert Feagley

Robert Feagley    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46204
Robert Feagley is an Indianapolis attorney that practices law in litigation, civil appeals, personal injury, wrongful deaths, and more.
David W. Craig

David W. Craig    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46216
The legal team at Craig, Kelley & Faultless, LLC are fearless, passionate, and experienced.
Faith Alvarez

Faith Alvarez    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46204
Attorney Faith E. Alvarez is an associate at Lee, Cossell & Crowley, LLP. Her practice is focused on federal litigation of civil rights, civil appeals, and medical malpractice.
Nathaniel Lee

Nathaniel Lee    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46204
Attorney Nathaniel Lee, the Senior Partner of Lee Cossell & Crowley, LLP, and is a personal injury attorney in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Henry J. Price

Henry J. Price    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46204
Henry J. Price focuses primarily on class action, business, property rights and personal injury litigation and is a principal member at Price Waicukauski Joven & Catlin, LLC.
Nick Law

Nick Law    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46204
We know that your loss, pain, and suffering deserve to be fairly compensated.
BreAnna Smith

BreAnna Smith    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46204
BreAnna S. Smith is an associate at Lee, Cossell and Crowley, LLP. Her practice is focused on civil litigation, wrongful death, personal injury, expungements and domestic & civil mediation.
Sam Jacobs

Sam Jacobs    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46220
At Jacobs Law, attorneys Sam Jacobs and Kimberly Danforth have devoted their professional lives to serving people who have been harmed by another’s negligence.
Marcia Cossell

Marcia Cossell    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46204
Marcia J. Cossell is an Indianapolis attorney that practices personal injury, workers compensation, bankruptcy, and family law.
(317) 631-5151
Donald Poynter

Donald Poynter    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46227
Don Poynter has been a managing partner of Poynter & Bucheri since 1996. He is a lifelong resident of Indiana, having grown up in Morgantown and currently resides in Indianapolis.
(317) 780-8000
Rob King

Rob King    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46204
Personal injury causes plenty of hardship. From physical and emotional pain to mounting medical bills
Jason Hopper

Jason Hopper    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46204
My law career has been dedicated to assisting individuals and small business owners with domestic litigation needs both at the trial and appellate levels.
Samuel Jacobs

Samuel Jacobs    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46220
Indianapolis Personal Injury Attorneys
Mike Stephenson

Mike Stephenson    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46204
Mike Stephenson has over 30 years of experience and is a trusted advisor to many individuals and companies. His current practice is dominated by civil litigation in state and federal courts.