Affordable Indianapolis Civil Litigation Lawyers

Robert Foos

Robert Foos    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46202
I am a litigator specializing in trucking and construction defense litigation. I work at Lewis Wagner, LLP in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Mark Nicholson

Mark Nicholson    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46220
Mark Nicholson is a People Helper Lawyer. It is his prior prison experience that gave him such passion for helping people like you. He is known as The Battery Man!
Irwin Levin

Irwin Levin    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46204
Indinapolis Personal Injury Law Firm
Robyn Willson Hattaway

Robyn Willson Hattaway    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46204
A small law office with a personal touch in civil litigation. Including: business litigation, complex class actions, employment litigation, civil rights litigation, administrative law & more.
Jorge Rodriguez

Jorge Rodriguez    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46204
Since 1992 representing adults and juveniles in criminal defense and delinquency matters. Former Deputy Prosecutor and Public Defender with approx. 6,000 career cases.
Robert Feagley

Robert Feagley    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46204
Attorney Feagleys practice areas primarily involve personal injury litigation including serious injuries and wrongful death claims.
(317) 631-5151
BreAnna Smith

BreAnna Smith    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46204
BreAnna S. Smith is an associate at Lee, Cossell and Crowley, LLP. Her practice is focused on civil litigation, wrongful death, personal injury, expungements and domestic & civil mediation.
Jason Hopper

Jason Hopper    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46204
My law career has been dedicated to assisting individuals and small business owners with domestic litigation needs both at the trial and appellate levels.
James W.  Hehner

James W. Hehner    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46204
Cheryl Finchum

Cheryl Finchum    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46204
Tami Hart

Tami Hart    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46204
Gil Berry III


Indianapolis, IN 46204
Howard Bernstein

Howard Bernstein    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46204
Guna Kirhnere

Guna Kirhnere    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46204
Mark  Holsworth

Mark Holsworth    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46250
I am semi-retired from the practice of law. I holda license in Texas and an inactive license in the District of Columbia.
Ryan Sink

Ryan Sink    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46240
Ryan P. Sink is a partner at Fox Williams & Sink, LLC, an employment law firm located in Indianapolis, Indiana.
(317) 254-8500
Elizabeth Joseph

Elizabeth Joseph    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46290
Tess White

Tess White    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46226
Attorney representing the injured and those who need help with insurance claims. I am a former insurance lawyer.
Jacob Atanga

Jacob Atanga    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46204
Providing quality legal services since 1990.Please contact us at (317) 489-5019


Christopher Pearcy

Christopher Pearcy    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46204
Chris maintains a diverse practice representing individuals, small businesses, and insurance companies in legal matters throughout Indiana. Call Chris today for a free consultation.
Beth Schenberg

Beth Schenberg    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46240
Kellye Gordon

Kellye Gordon    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46278
Adam Christensen

Adam Christensen    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46220