Affordable Indianapolis Family Law Lawyers

Bradley Keffer

Bradley Keffer    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46204
Bradley represents clients in a wide array of legal matters; however, his practice primarily focuses on criminal defense.
(317) 857-0160
Paul Kraft

Paul Kraft    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46204
At Frank & Kraft, Indianapolis estate planning attorneys, we’ll help you with all aspects of your estate planning as well as other important planning to help you prepare for the future.
(317) 684-1100
Kevin Edward Green

Kevin Edward Green    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46204
Built on the intensive attention to crucial details that we give to clients’ legal issues
Brent Welke

Brent Welke    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46214
I worked my way through law school developing the qualities you look for in an attorney, I specialize in family and bankruptcy law.
(317) 748-7772
Irwin Levin

Irwin Levin    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46204
Indinapolis Personal Injury Law Firm
James Metzger

James Metzger    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46204
We offer criminal defense of all misdemeanors and felonies as well as representation in family law and many other civil matters.
(317) 762-6002
Robert J Nice

Robert J Nice    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46260
Award winning lawyers in Indianapolis use their many years of experience and intimate knowledge of the law to help their clients with a variety of legal matters.
Chris Eskew

Chris Eskew    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46204
When you are in trouble with the law in Indianapolis, then you need a quality Child Molestation Defense attorney who can help you tip the scales of justice in your favor.
(317) 974-0177
Andrew Homan

Andrew Homan    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46208
Andrew Homan is the founder of Homan Legal in Indianapolis, a law firm dedicated to Family Law and Estate Planning
Marcia Cossell

Marcia Cossell    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46204
Marcia J. Cossell is an Indianapolis attorney that practices personal injury, workers compensation, bankruptcy, and family law.
(317) 631-5151
Jason Hopper

Jason Hopper    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46204
My law career has been dedicated to assisting individuals and small business owners with domestic litigation needs both at the trial and appellate levels.
Joel Hand

Joel Hand    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46202
Joel's practice is focused primarily in the following areas: Criminal Defense, Juvenile Law, Education/School Law, Family Law, Administrative Law and Lobbying.
Mr. Steven S. Lovern

Mr. Steven S. Lovern    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46214
Lovernlaw Office in Indianapolis, ID and is dedicated to providing quality legal Services in the following areas
Christopher Eskew

Christopher Eskew    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46204
I am a solo practitioner focusing my practice on criminal defense, family law and personal injury cases.
(317) 974-0177
Jacob Atanga

Jacob Atanga    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46204
Providing quality legal services since 1990.Please contact us at (317) 489-5019
Bradley Keffer

Bradley Keffer

Indianapolis, IN 46204
Attorney Bradley Keffer represents clients in a wide array of legal matters ranging from administrative license matters to select family law matters.
(317) 857-0160
Tom Hirschauer

Tom Hirschauer

Indianapolis, IN 46204
Tom F. Hirschauer III was born and raised in the Indianapolis, Indiana, area. Tom comes from a family of legal practitioners who have practices in the State of Indiana since 1943.
(317) 857-0160


Andrew Bloch

Andrew Bloch    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46240
Family Law, including domestic litigation and mediation.
Gil Berry III


Indianapolis, IN 46204
Rosanne Grissmer

Rosanne Grissmer    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46224
Solo practitioner focusing on Family Law, Probate Law, Immigration, Bankruptcy Debt Relief, Elder Law.
(317) 290-2080