Affordable Indianapolis Construction Law Lawyers

Robert Foos

Robert Foos    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46202
I am a litigator specializing in trucking and construction defense litigation. I work at Lewis Wagner, LLP in Indianapolis, Indiana.
James W.  Hehner

James W. Hehner    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46204
John Lowery

John Lowery    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46204
John Lower is an Indianapolis attorney specializing in personal injury, product liability and construction/contract issues.
Andrew Falk

Andrew Falk    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46204
Christopher Pearcy

Christopher Pearcy    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46204
Chris maintains a diverse practice representing individuals, small businesses, and insurance companies in legal matters throughout Indiana. Call Chris today for a free consultation.
Jeffrey Hammond

Jeffrey Hammond    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46204
Robert McNevin

Robert McNevin    VERIFIED

Indianapolis, IN 46202
Representing clients since 1995 in the areas of real estate law, construction law, contract law, business litigation, probate, family law, and personal injury law.