Affordable Seattle Criminal Law Lawyers

W. James Kotlowski

W. James Kotlowski    VERIFIED

Seattle, WA 98122
W. James Kotlowski is a Seattle and Washington State DUI and criminal defense Lawyer.
Edwin S. Budge

Edwin S. Budge    VERIFIED

Seattle, WA 98104
Edwin Budge has been representing clients in civil rights and high-end injury and death cases for more than 20 years. Ed is a 1991 summa cum laude graduate of the University of Oregon.
(206) 624-3060
Deborah Ann Korman

Deborah Ann Korman    VERIFIED

Seattle, WA 98109
Family law, bankruptcy law, criminal defense, foreclosure prevention
(206) 457-2400
Dillon Smith

Dillon Smith    VERIFIED

Seattle, WA 98121
If you’ve been charged with a crime, the prosecution is working against you. Whether it be a small theft, DUI, domestic violence charge or a serious felony, you need an attorney.
(206) 284-7431
Edward  Chung

Edward Chung    VERIFIED

Seattle, WA 98101
Primary practice is comprised of Civil and Criminal Litigation, Immigration and Business Transactions.
(206) 264-8999
Court Will

Court Will    VERIFIED

Seattle, WA 98104
Will & Will is a husband/wife criminal defense law firm serving clients in Seattle and surrounding cities.
 Albert  Guadagno

Albert Guadagno    VERIFIED

Seattle, WA 98109
Guadagno Law Group offers affordably priced legal services in the area of criminal defense.
(206) 569-8995
Matthew Leyba

Matthew Leyba    VERIFIED

Seattle, WA 98101
Matthew is considered one of the best Seattle DUI lawyers in Western Washington.
Gsh Law


Seattle, WA 98104
The Hoover Law Group was established in 1998 in a tiny office in downtown Seattle. He has reputed Immigration Lawyers Vancouver.
(206) 613-3111
Stefanie Dorn

Stefanie Dorn    VERIFIED

Seattle, WA 98107
Criminal Defense Law, Expungement law, Traffic Tickets law, Sex offender registration removal
Ed Allen

Ed Allen    VERIFIED

Seattle, WA 98104
The Law Office Of Edmund Allen is located in Seattle, WA and is dedicated to providing quality legal services in the following practice areas: Criminal Defense Attorney, Traffic Attorney
Brad Meryhew

Brad Meryhew    VERIFIED

Seattle, WA 98104
I am an attorney with the Law Offices of Rhodes & Meryhew, LLP in Seattle, Washington.
Victor Ro

Victor Ro    VERIFIED

Seattle, WA 98104
THE RO FIRM's trial lawyer assisting individuals and businesses in several different areas of law.
(800) 515-6818
Matthew Leyba

Matthew Leyba    VERIFIED

Seattle, WA 98101
Im a DUI Attorney in Seattle, WA. My practice focuses exclusively on representing those accused of DUI and other serious traffic offenses through Western Washington.
Christopher Small

Christopher Small    VERIFIED

Seattle, WA 98119
Personal injury lawyer and criminal defense/DUI defense. I'm a professional fixer. You bring me you problem and I'll fix it.
Peter Simpson

Peter Simpson    VERIFIED

Seattle, WA 98104
I am a criminal defense attorney based out of Seattle, WA., serving Island County and King County.
Michael Schwartz

Michael Schwartz    VERIFIED

Seattle, WA 98104
Criminal defense Attorney, Drug Attorney, Domestic Violence Attorney, Federal Criminal Defense Attorney, Fraud Attorney, Violent Crimes Attorney, Homicide Attorney, White Collar Crimes Attorney
Scott J  Engelhard

Scott J Engelhard    VERIFIED

Seattle, WA 98101
With 26 years as a criminal defense attorney, and a great education, I have a breadth and depth of skills and experience which apply to every one of the cases I take on.
(206) 683-2020
Michelle Will

Michelle Will    VERIFIED

Seattle, WA 98104
Will & Will is a husband/wife criminal defense law firm serving clients in Seattle and surrounding cities
Jay H. Krulewitch

Jay H. Krulewitch    VERIFIED

Seattle, WA 98125
Mr. Krulewitch has labored in the trenches as a trial attorney for almost a quarter century in the Seattle-King County area.
(206) 233-0828
Stryder Wegener

Stryder Wegener    VERIFIED

Seattle, WA 98144
Looking for help? Fill out our contact form for a free consultation with one of our Seattle attorneys from Emerald City Law Group.
(206) 973-0407
Stefanie Dorn

Stefanie Dorn    VERIFIED

Seattle, WA 98154
Criminal defense, expungement. and traffic lawyer focused on results.
(206) 931-1315
Robert Rhodes

Robert Rhodes    VERIFIED

Seattle, WA 98104
I am an attorney with the Law Offices of Rhodes & Meryhew, LLP in Seattle Washington.
David Ranz

David Ranz    VERIFIED

Seattle, WA 98168
David is dedicated to helping those accused of a misdemeanor crime or injured in an auto accident. He is currently licensed in Washington state and Hawaii.
Raymond Ejarque

Raymond Ejarque    VERIFIED

Seattle, WA 98154
The Law Office of Raymond W. Ejarque is a full service DUI and criminal law firm. This law office is dedicated to providing clients with personalized and professional legal services.
(206) 621-1554
Sean  Cecil

Sean Cecil    VERIFIED

Seattle, WA 98104
Seattle criminal defense lawyer. Also represent plaintiffs in civil litigation, and counsel individuals regarding tenants' rights, Washington's medical cannabis laws, and criminal history.
Mark Blair

Mark Blair    VERIFIED

Seattle, WA 98121
Former prosecutor Mark Blair knows how to get the best results for people accused of felony or misdemeanor crimes including DUI, domestic violence, assault, harassment and theft.
(206) 622-6562
Michael Iaria

Michael Iaria    VERIFIED

Seattle, WA 98101
For almost thirty years, Michael Iaria has defended clients accused by the government of serious crimes in state and federal trial and appellate courts.
Edward Becker III

Edward Becker III    VERIFIED

Seattle, WA 98154
Criminal Defense Attorney
206 799 8525
David Adler

David Adler    VERIFIED

Seattle, WA 98101
Former US DOJ prosecutor for ten years; active civil litigation practice in re: federal crim. & civil claims, contracts, corp. def. and all fraud related work,both domestic and foreign
Jeanette  Ramirez

Jeanette Ramirez    VERIFIED

Seattle, WA 98118
Criminal Defense Litigation
Gregory Hoover

Gregory Hoover    VERIFIED

Seattle, WA 98104
I'm an all around down to earth attorney. Look up my firm at
Mike Brown

Mike Brown    VERIFIED

Seattle, WA 98103
Civil litigator handling a wide range of cases for 31 years providing clients with the best of representation.
Arturo Menéndez

Arturo Menéndez    VERIFIED

Seattle, WA 98154
Attorney Arturo Menéndez has been practicing law and serving clients in Seattle for 9 years.
Shane McKinnie

Shane McKinnie    VERIFIED

Seattle, WA 98104
Attorney Shane McKinnie practice areas include criminal and traffic defense, landlord-tenant law, and estate planning. He seeks practical solutions for his clients at an affordable price.
(206) 395-9175
Rachel Kurtz

Rachel Kurtz    VERIFIED

Seattle, WA 98101
Matthew King

Matthew King    VERIFIED

Seattle, WA 98104
Matthew King is a Seattle land use, environmental, and construction law litigator.
Senit  Lutgen

Senit Lutgen    VERIFIED

Seattle, WA 98109
I practice in the areas of Criminal Defense, with a focus on assault cases and self-defense, and some limited personal injury cases.
Eric Schurman

Eric Schurman    VERIFIED

Seattle, WA 98107
Eric has handled virtually every type of criminal charge ranging from aggravated felonies to minor traffic offenses.
Candace  Wilkerson

Candace Wilkerson    VERIFIED

Seattle, WA 98145
Solo practice in criminal defense, estate planning and probate, family law, elder law, and business transactions.
Timothy McGuinness

Timothy McGuinness    VERIFIED

Seattle, WA 98107
solo practice focus on criminal defense,estate litigation and personal injury
(206) 706-1411
Alexander Savojni

Alexander Savojni    VERIFIED

Seattle, WA 98134
Primarily handling criminal matters, infractions, and administrative issues for all State licensed professionals