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Deborah Ann Korman

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Deborah Ann Korman

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(206) 457-2400

Because a family is a beautiful thing, it can come under attack of multiple forces. And when the unfortunate situation exists that a family must dissolve through some sort of separation or divorce, it can become necessary to hire a divorce attorney. Our law firm helps folks to receive the best possible outcome. We do not seek to fight or create extra work and income for our attorneys but rather seek a collaborative approach wherever possible. 

While it is never a completely pleasant experience, divorce does not have to result in world war III and so we seek to help clients receive a protected position, and ideally one that involves a good outcome for children, ex-spouses, and other interested care-takers such as grandparents. 

Additionally, there are times when a person could be undergoing serious turbulence at work or stresses which have put the bonds of marriage in a precarious position. Such times can involve a couple seeking counseling, or even seeking financial advice of an attorney such as exploring options in and out of bankruptcy. Often monetary problems lead to serious issues in a marriage and hence it can be valuable to discuss whether a bankruptcy could also be beneficial in your unique set of circumstances.

Consider hiring our law firm if you need one or more of the following:

Protection of your spousal rights

Protection of your child visitation rights

Protection of your assets in bankruptcy

Protection of your home from foreclosure

Protection of your rights from criminal conviction

Protection of your license with regards to a DUI

And much more

Our office offers free consultations and you are welcomed to reach out to our firm in a free, complimentary consultation that involves reviewing your options. Not all consultations result in hiring our firm and this offer to receive a consultation does not constitute a creation of an attorney-client relationship. While the information provided here is intended to be useful, it cannot be construed as legal advice and cannot substitute the solid legal advice that only a qualified attorney can provide.

When considering who to hire, consider legal credentials, rapport, and pricing. Not all attorneys are created equal and for this reason you should consider the issues, the experience, the reviews, and other credentials when selecting the right attorney to represent you in your legal matters.

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$48 For 15 Hours of Texas CLE Full Compliance - Lowest Price
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