Affordable Miami Commercial Litigation Lawyers

Carlos  Concepcion

Carlos Concepcion    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33134
We are a based in Miami Florida and our practice areas focus on business and commercial litigation, intellectual property litigation, international transactions and the defense of tort claims
Edgar Belaval

Edgar Belaval    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33156
Complex commercial litigation, admiralty/maritime and construction litigation. Serves as corporate counsel to manufacturers, distributors, shipping and trucking companies.
(305) 234-4003
Carlos Mesa

Carlos Mesa    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33155
Civil Litigation attorney now exclusively focusing on examinations under oath for the insurance industry.
Sergiu Gherman

Sergiu Gherman    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33131
I am a commercial and music copyrights attorney. I have experience with all stages of lawsuits, including appeals, and appeared before judges in state and federal courts. I successfully represent
(305) 459-1551
Florida Constuction Law Group

Florida Constuction Law Group    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33185
Our law practice includes real estate litigation, construction litigation, construction loan foreclosures, draw request disputes, payment and Performance Bond claims and defense.
Noam Cohen

Noam Cohen    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33181
The Law Offices of NOAM J. COHEN, P.A., is a fully insured and bonded commercial litigation and collections law firm licensed in the State of Florida.
Lauren Marsicano

Lauren Marsicano    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33131
Attorneys Lauren Marsicano and Carolina Leyva have been practicing law for many years.
(305) 721-2917
Igor Hernandez

Igor Hernandez    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33134
I am a Cuban native that grew up in Miami Florida. I have a strong interest in helping people and making my community a better place through passionate, principled advocacy.
(305) 780-6058
Morgan Edelboim

Morgan Edelboim    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33180
Morgan B. Edelboim is an experienced bankruptcy and commercial litigation attorney at Edelboim Lieberman Revah Oshinsky PLLC
Brett Lieberman

Brett Lieberman    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33180
Brett Lieberman is an experienced bankruptcy and commercial litigation attorney at Edelboim Lieberman Revah Oshinsky PLLC
Jared Beck

Jared Beck    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33130
Jared Beck practices business and commercial litigation throughout South Florida.
Samuel  Reiner

Samuel Reiner    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33156
Steven Ginsburg

Steven Ginsburg    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33134
Steven Ginsburg is a partner in Adorno & Yoss, LLP the largest certified minority-owned law firm, most diverse in the U.S., with over 300 lawyers, & 20 locations in the U. S. and Latin America.
305 460 1000
Pablo  Gonzalez Zepeda, Esq.

Pablo Gonzalez Zepeda, Esq.    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33186
General Civil and Commercial Litigation.
Richard Rusak

Richard Rusak    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33132
Board certified in the area of Admiralty & Maritime law and with a history of excellence in legal studies, Richard Rusak delivers highly-focused insight into the matters surrounding each case.
Walter Latimer

Walter Latimer    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33131
Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer, AV-rated
David Bianchi

David Bianchi    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33131
For more than 35 years, Attorney David W. Bianchi has represented clients in all kinds of personal injury matters.
(305) 770-6335
Michael Stewart

Michael Stewart    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33131
Full service law firm providing personal injury, real estate and litigation services.
(305) 590-8909
Ray Garcia

Ray Garcia    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33185
Ray Garcia is AV Rated by Martindale Hubbell. He has been admitted to the Florida Bar since 1997 and is a Board Certified Real Estate Lawyer.
Aaron S.  Podhurst

Aaron S. Podhurst    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33131
Aaron S. Podhurst is one of the nation′s premiere plaintiff′s aviation lawyers.
(305) 358-2800
Dania Arencibia

Dania Arencibia    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33165
Dania Arencibia is Managing Shareholder at Arencibia Law, LLC, a client-centered firm in Miami. She has diverse expertise and has mediated, litigated, and successfully settled hundreds of cases.
Philippe Revah

Philippe Revah    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33180
Philippe Revah is an experienced bankruptcy and commercial litigation attorney at Edelboim Lieberman Revah Oshinsky PLLC
Michael Stewart

Michael Stewart    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33131
Miami Attorney Michael D. Stewart - Litigation, Personal Injury, Intellectual Property, Business, Real Estate
(305) 590-8909
Julio Marrero

Julio Marrero    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33146
Attorney Julio Cesar Marrero has been practicing law and serving clients in Miami FL for many years.
Anthony Gonzalez

Anthony Gonzalez    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33134
Anthony Gonzalez was born and raised in Miami, Florida. Anthony graduated from Florida International University with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and earned
Stefan Coleman

Stefan Coleman    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33131
Stefan Coleman is a lawyer who protects consumers from corporations that violate their consumer rights. Attorney Stefan Coleman protects the privacy rights of consumers.
(877) 333-9427
Jason Weber

Jason Weber    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33132
Jason Weber is the founder and Business Development partner of Xander Law Group, P.A. He has extensive civil litigation experience representing both Plaintiffs and Defendants in trial.
(305) 767-2001
Marc Silverstein

Marc Silverstein    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33132
Attorney practicing in South Florida handling personal injury and accident cases of all types, Maritime personal injury, Longshore, Defense Base Act cases, and cruise injuries,
Francisco Calvo

Francisco Calvo    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33145
I served in the 1/75th Airborne Ranger Battalion. I specialize in medical malpractice, personal injury, commercial litigation, Worker's Compensation and USERRA claims.
Hongwei Shang

Hongwei Shang    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33156
Miami based attorney practicing in commercial litigation, mediation and arbitration, international law, immigration, bankruptcy, family law, US Customs, personal injury, wills, trusts & estates


Miami, FL 33136
A FL and NJ licensed attorney with an LLM in taxation and several years of experience in civil litgation, real estate, bankruptcy, wills and trusts, personal injury, complex business litigation.
Mark Goldstein

Mark Goldstein    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33132
Successful commercial litigator who handles large commercial cases on a contingency fee basis.
305 390 2341
Jamie Tarich

Jamie Tarich    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33131
My legal background is in both transactional law and litigation, with primary focuses on commercial financing, commercial real estate and title work, and condominium law.
Elizabeth Beck

Elizabeth Beck    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33130
Michelle Bell

Michelle Bell    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33179
Ariel Konover

Ariel Konover    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33181
Gabriel  Groisman

Gabriel Groisman    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33133
Robert Cooper

Robert Cooper    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33180
James Stepan

James Stepan    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33131
I practice intellectual property litigation and commercial litigation in Miami, Florida.
305 358-5001
Michele A. Crosa

Michele A. Crosa    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33156
For more information, please visit our website at
David Reiner

David Reiner    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33156
I. Albert Gonzalez

I. Albert Gonzalez    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33172
I. Albert Gonzalez handles all phases of civil and commercial litigation, family law matters and appellate practice.
(305) 992-6438
Michael Lascelle

Michael Lascelle    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33131
Florida Bar Licensed Attorney
Jorge Gutierrez

Jorge Gutierrez    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33176
Civil Trial Lawyers with experience handling Serious Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Wrongful Death, Health Care Litigation and Business Torts.
(305) 670-5158