Affordable Miami Business Law Lawyers

Jason Weber

Jason Weber    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33132
Jason Weber is the founder and Business Development partner of Xander Law Group, P.A. He has extensive civil litigation experience representing both Plaintiffs and Defendants in trial.
(305) 767-2001
Jon Hardy

Jon Hardy    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33145
Jon is presently employed in Spiegel & Utrera’s corporate department, where he is general counsel to numerous small businesses faced with a variety of legal issues.
Steven Ginsburg

Steven Ginsburg    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33134
Steven Ginsburg is a partner in Adorno & Yoss, LLP the largest certified minority-owned law firm, most diverse in the U.S., with over 300 lawyers, & 20 locations in the U. S. and Latin America.
305 460 1000
Michael  Stewart

Michael Stewart    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33131
The Miami Law is a full service law firm providing aggressive representation to clients in the areas of Real Estate, Foreclosure Defense, Mortgage Loan Modification,
David Gongora

David Gongora    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33131
(305) 381-7979
Aaron Resnick

Aaron Resnick    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33132
The Law Offices of Aaron Resnick, P.A. help you understand your rights and defend you against foreclosure. Also The Law Offices of Aaron Resnick, P.A.
(305) 672-7495
Canor Pato

Canor Pato    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33131
Family Law Firm Miami : Canor Pato
(786) 369 8863
Andrew Ittleman

Andrew Ittleman    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33131
Andrew S. Ittleman is a Founder and Partner of Fuerst Ittleman David & Joseph, PL. He concentrates his practice in the areas of White Collar Criminal Defense, Anti-Money Laundering compliance
Dalyla Santos

Dalyla Santos    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33155
At The Santos Law Offices, we can provide you with a knowledgeable assessment of your situation to help you determine if bankruptcy is the right option for you.
Armando Montesino

Armando Montesino    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33126
Armando is fluent in three languages: English, Spanish, and Business. Prior to being a Miami business lawyer, he was an accountant and financial analyst for nearly ten years.
Philippe Revah

Philippe Revah    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33180
Philippe Revah is an experienced bankruptcy and commercial litigation attorney at Edelboim Lieberman Revah Oshinsky PLLC
Michael Stewart

Michael Stewart    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33131
Miami Attorney Michael D. Stewart - Litigation, Personal Injury, Intellectual Property, Business, Real Estate
(305) 590-8909
Aaronson  Schantz

Aaronson Schantz    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33131
The Law Offices of Aaronson Schantz Beiley P.A. offer business law services in Miami and South Florida focused on insolvency, bankruptcy .
Judah Mandel

Judah Mandel    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33138
Mandel Law is a Business Law and Real Estate Law Firm located in Miami, FL. Attorney Judah Mandel is the managing and founding partner of the Legal Offices of Mandel Law.
(305) 900-5996
Brenton N. Ver  Ploeg

Brenton N. Ver Ploeg    VERIFIED

Miami, CA 33131
Miami Insurance Claim Lawyers who evaluate, settle and litigate insurance coverage disputes for policyholders. Miami insurance law firm representing corporations and insurance policyholders.
Jon Hardy

Jon Hardy    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33156
Counseling clients in connection with small business formation and compliance throughout the lifetime of the small business, as well as drafting and negotiating highly-tailored agreements.
8006033900, ext. 282
Patrick Russell

Patrick Russell    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33131
We help consumers maintain healthy and prosperous business relationships; protect them from unforeseen events, and when needed, assist in ensuring prompt payment and collection.
(305) 373-3826
Carlos Mesa

Carlos Mesa    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33155
Civil Litigation attorney now exclusively focusing on examinations under oath for the insurance industry.
Annette Escobar

Annette Escobar    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33131
Business Law Attorney, General Litigation Attorney, International Law Attorney
Brett Trembly

Brett Trembly    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33156
We are an award-winning and industry-recognized law firm leading South Florida in business law, franchise law, employment law, trademark law, litigation, and general counsel. You can conveniently
Stephanie Liermo

Stephanie Liermo    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33130
Stephanie Liermo PLLC is a solo law practice specializing in transactional law matters in Miami,FL. Ms. Liermo strives to provide quality legal services with transparent pricing.
Joshua Feygin

Joshua Feygin    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33179
Comprehensive Real Estate (Contract to Closing, Title Insurance, Landlord/Tenant, Foreclosure), Trademark, Wills and Estate, Family, Commercial, Corporate, and Litigation practice.
(305) 910-7788
Barry Oliver Chase

Barry Oliver Chase    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33131
One of the top entertainment lawyers in Miami with expertise in music, TV, modeling and sports law. Guaranteed exclusive approach to every client!
Lauren Marsicano

Lauren Marsicano    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33131
Attorneys Lauren Marsicano and Carolina Leyva have been practicing law for many years.
(305) 721-2917
Jason Weber

Jason Weber    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33132
Miami's top corporate lawyer with practice focus areas of business law, commercial litigation, chapter 11 bankruptcy, contract law, corporate counsel and more.
(305) 767-2001
Morgan Edelboim

Morgan Edelboim    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33180
Morgan B. Edelboim is an experienced bankruptcy and commercial litigation attorney at Edelboim Lieberman Revah Oshinsky PLLC
Brett Lieberman

Brett Lieberman    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33180
Brett Lieberman is an experienced bankruptcy and commercial litigation attorney at Edelboim Lieberman Revah Oshinsky PLLC
Felix Carrillo

Felix Carrillo    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33135
We are committed to helping you with your case to the best of our abilities. We are proud to declare we’ve been able to provide our clients relief and resolution.
Brett Logan

Brett Logan    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33133
Logan Law Office, P.A. was founded to offer advantages to investment management clients worldwide.
(305) 445-6063
Carlos  Concepcion

Carlos Concepcion    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33134
We are a based in Miami Florida and our practice areas focus on business and commercial litigation, intellectual property litigation, international transactions and the defense of tort claims
Jared Beck

Jared Beck    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33130
Jared Beck practices business and commercial litigation throughout South Florida.
David da Silva Cornell

David da Silva Cornell    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33131
David da Silva Cornell focuses his practice on corporate law, international and domestic business transactions, and nonprofit law.
Sandra Penagos

Sandra Penagos    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33143
Real Estate and Corporate Law attorney.


Miami, FL 33136
A FL and NJ licensed attorney with an LLM in taxation and several years of experience in civil litgation, real estate, bankruptcy, wills and trusts, personal injury, complex business litigation.
Norma Echarte

Norma Echarte    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33131
Norma concentrates her practice in the area of real estate and business law representing buyers, sellers and brokers in the negotiation and execution of real estate purchases in South Florida
Lisa Capote

Lisa Capote    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33130
L. Capote PA is a boutique law firm handling a variety of corporate law matters as well as government regulatory issues arising out of compliance with FDA, Customs, and other federal agencies.
Ariel Konover

Ariel Konover    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33181


Miami, FL 33176
Mrs. Henriques is a trained mediator and a strong litigator. She is licensed to practice law in Florida, Georgia, DC, Federal Court. She also appears before appellate courts.
Michele A. Crosa

Michele A. Crosa    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33156
For more information, please visit our website at
David Reiner

David Reiner    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33156
Marlee Ward

Marlee Ward    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33129
Seniz Misirlioglu

Seniz Misirlioglu    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33139
Attorney licensed to practice Law in Germany and Florida, Business Immigration,German Law,Business Transactions,International Law&Litigation,Fluent in German,Turkish and English.
Michael Stewart

Michael Stewart    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33131
Law Offices of Michael D. Stewart is a full-service law firm providing Litigation, Personal Injury, Real Estate and Business Representation. Call us at 866-438-6574
Tracy Perez

Tracy Perez    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33131
Mrs. Pérez is a member of the Florida Bar and Cuban American Bar Association. She has been with De La Peña Group since 2004. In 2010, Florida Super Lawyers selected Mrs. Pérez as a Rising Star.
Paul Bravo

Paul Bravo    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33145
Paul Bravo is an attorney practicing civil litigation in Miami, Florida. He focuses on commercial business disputes, employment matters and real property litigation.
Rajdeep Jolly

Rajdeep Jolly    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33131