Affordable San Diego Criminal Law Lawyers

George Ramos

George Ramos    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92101
San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney at George H. Ramos, Jr. & Associates
619) 231-1830
Steve Maasz

Steve Maasz    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92129
Admitted in California and Ohio, I am willing to consult with clients and attorneys in California and Ohio criminal defense and wrongful imprisonment cases.
(858) 663-7286
Douglas Holbrook

Douglas Holbrook    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92102
Have been providing criminal defense representation for over 25 years. Extensive experience in defending a wide array of criminal charges in the San Diego Courts.
619 232-2020
Michael S. Berg

Michael S. Berg    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92101
Michael S. Berg handles a wide variety of criminal cases in state, federal, and juvenile courts.
(619) 239-2186
George Ramos

George Ramos    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92101
I am a criminal defense attorney in San Diego.
(619) 231-1830
Vik Monder

Vik Monder    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92101
Vik Monder has put together a team of experienced trial lawyers with a legal focus in the area of Criminal & DUI Defense throughout San Diego County.
(619) 405-0063
Luis  Macias Jr

Luis Macias Jr    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92102
Our practice includes both civil and criminal representation.
(619) 245-4106
Sahar Barghout

Sahar Barghout    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92110
Sahar Barghout, Esq. founded Barghout Law Group, A.P.C. on the premise that there are affordable legal solutions to everyday problems.
(800) 570-4207
Mark Mattson

Mark Mattson    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92101
Get connected with trial lawyers for help.
Paul Neuharth

Paul Neuharth    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92101
Paul Neuharth is a well-known and respected attorney with previous career as a police officer. He is handling criminal and administrative law cases. He maintains a great reputation for 20 years.
(619) 231-0401
David Siegel

David Siegel    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92101
Practicing personal injury law; primarily auto accident and dog bite case in San Diego CA
(619) 239-8050
Vincent Ross

Vincent Ross    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92101
Welcome to San Diego Criminal Attorney. Vincent Ross, the supervising trial attorney of San Diego Criminal Attorney Law Firm (SDCA).
Howard Williams

Howard Williams    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92108
Auto Accident Lawyer San Diego, Motorcycle Accident Attorney San Diego
Negin Yamini

Negin Yamini    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92101
Criminal Attorney CA
(619) 432-7544
Erik Friis

Erik Friis    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92108
San Diego's Top Criminal Defense Lawyer's and DUI Attorney's.
(619) 743-9130
Rick Mueller

Rick Mueller    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92122
Geoff Germane

Geoff Germane    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92101
Graduated cum laude and was a member of the Order of the Barristers. Began practice with large law firm in San Diego, then started own practice in Jan of 2008.
David Shapiro

David Shapiro    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92101
The Law Office of David P. Shapiro provides top-notch criminal defense for those charged with a crime in San Diego. If you've been charged with a crime, you need an experienced attorney.
(619) 295-3555
Peter Blair

Peter Blair    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92101
I work closely with you, keeping the channels of communication open so that you correctly understand your circumstances, the legal process and what to expect.
(619) 357-4977
John Ivancie

John Ivancie    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92103
J. Mike Ivancie, Esq. is the founder of the Ivancie Law Firm, a boutique employment law practice. He is a licensed California attorney. His practice is based out of San Diego, California.
(619) 929-0451


San Diego, CA 92108
Highest rated Administrative Law, Litigation and Criminal Defense attorneys. Our goals are simple: Superior Ethics, Service Excellence and Powerful Strategies.
Marc Applbaum

Marc Applbaum    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92108
Marc Applebaum worked as a prior prosecuting lawyer for San Diego county. Marc has 1st hand experience on how the prosecution and law enforcement work together on evidence and crimes.
(619) 821-8227
Rick Mueller

Rick Mueller    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92101
Certified by California DUI Lawyers Association as one of the only 3 San Diego DUI Specialists, Rick has successfully defended drunk driving cases since 1983.
(619) 218-2997
Vik Monder

Vik Monder    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92101
Monder Law Group provides a comprehensive and full range of innovative, preeminent and sophisticated counseling for CRIMINAL & DUI cases.
Alisha Wood

Alisha Wood    VERIFIED

San Diego, UT 92101
San Diego Lawyer - The Law Offices of Alisha A. Wood is the #1 San Diego Lawyer firm! Check out our website to see all of our services and to schedule a free consultation.
(619) 881-7126
alex ozols

alex ozols    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92108
Mr. Ozols provides high quality criminal defense at an affordable price. We offer payment plans and reasonable fees to make excellent legal representation more accessible to everyone.
619 288 8357
Tiffany Brown

Tiffany Brown    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92101
Family and Criminal Law Attorney
Nicholas Moore

Nicholas Moore    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92101
Nicholas Moore is a San Diego criminal defense lawyer and civil litigator. He has been trial and appellate counsel on over $14 million dollars of grand theft and embezzlement charges.
(619) 737-7416
Thomas Matthews

Thomas Matthews    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92101
Attorney Thomas P. Matthews has been practicing law and serving clients in San Diego, California for many years.
(619) 378-9990
Vikas Bajaj

Vikas Bajaj    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92101
Defends clients against all variation of criminal charges, and does so with an unrivaled passion and relentlessness.
(619) 525-7005
Alex Ozols

Alex Ozols    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92108
Ozols Law Firm is a criminal defense law firm dedicated to protecting the rights and innocence of their clients.
619 288 8357
Kerry Armstrong

Kerry Armstrong    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92101
The defense lawyers at The Law Offices of Kerry L. Armstrong, APLC provide outstanding and effective defense while aggressively protecting their clients’ rights and interests.
(619) 234-2300
Domenic  J  Lombardo

Domenic J Lombardo    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92101
The Law Office of Domenic J. Lombardo, phone (619) 232-5122, is dedicated solely to the practice of defending criminal charges.
(619) 232-5122
Gerald E. Smith

Gerald E. Smith    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92101
Mr. Smith is an aggressive, experienced attorney who has handled a multitude of cases with impressive results.
Nicholas Moore

Nicholas Moore    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92101
Top Rated San Diego attorney. Named 'Best of the Bar, 2016' by the San Diego Business Journal.
Paul  Neuharth, Jr.

Paul Neuharth, Jr.    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92101
Attorney Paul Neuharth, Jr. opened the Law Office of Paul H. Neuharth, Jr. in 1994 and has been providing the best in legal representation since this date.
(619) 231-0401
Samantha Greene

Samantha Greene    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92103
We provide domestic violence defense for anyone facing domestic charges.
(760) 780-1330
Jessica McElfresh

Jessica McElfresh    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92130
Attorney Jessica McElfresh is a San Diego criminal defense lawyer who focuses on protecting my clients' rights.
(858) 756-7107
Adam J Hepburn

Adam J Hepburn    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92101
The partners at HHJ started their careers as criminal defense attorneys fighting in the courtroom every day.
Kelly Combs

Kelly Combs    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92108
The Law Offices of Huston McCaffrey, LLP combines the strength of our knowledge
Mark De Yoe

Mark De Yoe    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92121
Attorney De Yoe creates customized defense strategies for every client and fights tirelessly to obtain the best possible outcome for their cases.
(619) 237-0555


San Diego, CA 92108
The Law Office of James Hassey is a San Diego based law firm priding it’s self on going above and beyond to get the best outcome and best results for its clients.
Marc S. Kohnen

Marc S. Kohnen    VERIFIED

San Diego, 92101
San Diego Defense Attorney - Marc Kohnen is the best defense against the toughest charges. We offer a free consultation in order to help you get your facts straight and pave the path to securing
(619) 398-2500
Thomas Slattery

Thomas Slattery    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92108
Thomas Slattery is proud to have handled thousands of clients and provided each of them with the respect and dignity they deserve while fighting for their rights ferociously.
(619) 304-9190
David P. Strauss

David P. Strauss    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92101
Experienced, reputable attorney David P. Strauss is among the top-flight plaintiffs' employment lawyers in San Diego, California.
Vik Monder

Vik Monder    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92101
Monder Law Group provides clients with affordable, top-quality, CRIMINAL & DUI services throughout San Diego County.
(619) 405-0063
Michael Holmes

Michael Holmes    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92101
At Sex Crimes Attorney, we have a deep understanding of both federal and state level sex crime laws and have been successfully defending our clients against all manner of sex.
(619) 497-9781
Tomas Flores

Tomas Flores    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92101
Former Deputy District Attorney, background in software engineering. Experienced litigator and intellectual property practitioner.