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Tomas Flores
Tomas M. Flores, Esq.
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Tomas Flores
Tomas M. Flores, Esq.

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Law School

2001 - 2004


In 1998, Mr. Flores began his career at Epicor Software, Inc. engineering automated test suites using Java, Rational Robot, and Visual Basic to test and audit accounting software.  Using Microsoft ASP and SQL, Mr. Flores engineered an intranet software development document server which housed versions of Technical Requirements Documents, and Software Specifications Documents.  The applications that Mr. Flores engineered were distributed to India, China, Ireland, and South Africa for outside developers to test their latest software builds.  

In 2000, Mr. Flores started work at Canon's automated quality assurance software engineering team.  Along with his software engineering team, Mr. Flores developed automated QA applications to test Canon's in-house distribution software.  Mr. Flores was responsible for writing technical design, software architecture, and technical specification documentation for his software engineering team.  The automated quality assurance software was successful in uncovering computer software errors that would have cost Canon millions of dollars to fix.

In 2001, Mr. Flores began his legal training at Whittier College, School of law.  A boutique intellectual property law firm, Anderson & Associates, hired Mr. Flores to work on copyright and trademark litigation, drafting computer software licenses, and cease and desist letters.  Further, managing attorney and intellectual property law guru, Stephen L. Anderson, taught Mr. Flores the art of trademark prosecution, including how to respond to USPTO Office Actions.  Mr. Anderson also instructed Mr. Flores on how to bring domain name disputes via the WIPO and NAF.  

After Mr. Flores passed the California bar in 2005, he worked as a litigation attorney in Huntington Beach for Mr. Edward Dzwonkowsi where he helped litigate business and civil actions.  

In 2006, Mr. Flores was recruited by Mr. Neil Rothstein to work on the Halliburton securities class action, Archdiocese of Milwaukee Supporting Fund, Inc., et al. v. Halliburton Company, et al. I drafted law and motion work, wrote memorandums to clients advising them on applicable law and evaluating their positions. Our firm was responsible for keeping the AMS Fund, Inc. as the Lead Plaintiff in Halliburton when it was challenged by the City of Dearborn Heights Act Police & Fire Retirement System and the Laborers National Pension Fund. We were responsible for removing Lerach Coughlin as Co-Lead Counsel from Halliburton when evidence of Mr. Lerach’s misconduct came to light. Worked with Boies, Schiller and Flexner, LLP on the AMS Fund, Inc.’s motion to replace Lerach Coughlin with Boies Schiller as Lead Counsel.    

Once Boies Schiller was successfully in place as Lead Counsel on Halliburton, Mr. Rothstein advised Mr. Flores to get first chair jury trial experience.  Acting on that advice, Mr. Flores took a position as a Deputy District Attorney for the County of Tulare in Central Valley, California.  While he was there, Mr. Flores received first chair jury trial, court trial, preliminary hearing, restitution prosecution, felony and misdemeanor complaint drafting, sentencing hearing and evidentiary hearing experience.  Mr. Flores also received special training in jury selection, bail and OR, DUI prosecution, PAS devices, special allegations and enhancements, felony sentencing calculation, DEJ, Drug Court, and Prop. 36, conducting a jury trial, child witnesses, credit calculations, and legal research techniques.  

Mr. Flores opened his own law firm in 2008 and is a San Francisco Bar Association Panel member in Computer law and Intellectual Property Rights law. Mr. Flores is also a member of the San Francisco County Criminal Conflict Panel.   In the winter of 2008, Mr. Flores opened up a satellite office in downtown San Diego.  

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