Affordable San Francisco Landlord - Tenant Lawyers

Jethro Busch

Jethro Busch    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94102
JETHRO S. BUSCH has been a licensed California attorney for over 25 years. His areas of practice include real estate (especially landlord-tenant) and civil litigation.
Michael Bracamontes

Michael Bracamontes    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94104
Bracamontes & Vlasak, P.C. is a San Francisco plaintiff's side civil litigation law firm that handles landlord tenant, employment, and discrimination.
Ryan Vlasak

Ryan Vlasak    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94104
Bracamontes & Vlasak is a San Francisco civil litigation firm for plaintiffs. BV Law represents tenants, consumers, and employees in the greater Bay Area.
Charlie Yu

Charlie Yu    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94105
I am a problem solver who thinks outside the box and does not lose focus on the bigger picture.
(415) 349-5180
Wendy Chau

Wendy Chau    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94104
Passion for Civil Rights
James O'Neil

James O'Neil    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94104
I serve clients with Business Law, Estate Planning, and Real Estate needs.
(15) 992-3123
Joseph Tobener

Joseph Tobener    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94118
Joe fights landlord harassment, refusal to repair, wrongful evictions, illegal rent increases, landlord move-in evictions.
Jacqueline  Ravenscroft

Jacqueline Ravenscroft    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94118
Tenant Rights Lawyer
David Hysinger

David Hysinger    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94111
Mr. Hysinger’s current practice focuses on landlord-tenant disputes, habitability, mold claims, wrongful eviction, boundary disputes, breach of contract, and personal injury.
Robert Sheppard

Robert Sheppard    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94104
Robert J. Sheppard, is regarded as one of San Francisco's premier attorneys in the fields of real estate law and landlord/tenant law.
Matthew  Hersh

Matthew Hersh    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94110
Alden Knisbacher

Alden Knisbacher    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94104
Julie Cho

Julie Cho    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94122
Sabrina Berdux

Sabrina Berdux    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94121
Benjamin  Humphreys

Benjamin Humphreys    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94122
Christina Richards

Christina Richards    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94111
Oly Filatova

Oly Filatova    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94118
John Scarpino

John Scarpino    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94108
Steven Miyake

Steven Miyake    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94111
David Stein

David Stein    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94610
David D. Stein after a successful 20+ year career as a litigator is now a full time neutral.
Timothy Yoshida

Timothy Yoshida    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94111
Mark Hooshmand

Mark Hooshmand    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94111
Specializing in Business and Real Estate Litigation
julian lastowski

julian lastowski    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94102
solo practioner, civil litigation
Christopher Rose

Christopher Rose    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94108
Licensed civil Plaintiff's attorney
Joyce Jordan

Joyce Jordan    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94102
In a continuing effort to ensure justice for persons of all walks of life, I represent tenants,employees, consumers and other injured persons.
julian lastowski

julian lastowski    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94102
general civil litigation