Affordable Houston DUI Defense Lawyers

Greg Tsioros

Greg Tsioros    VERIFIED

Houston, TX 77019
Houston defense attorney Greg Tsioros provides experienced, aggressive criminal defense in Houston and surrounding areas.
Andrew Piekalkiewicz

Andrew Piekalkiewicz    VERIFIED

Houston, TX 77057
A proven fighter for clients in personal injury, civil litigation, and select criminal defense.
James Alston

James Alston    VERIFIED

Houston, TX 77009
James Alston is a board certified criminal defense attorney specializing in the defense of drug crimes, sex crimes, white collar crimes, mortgage fraud and gun crimes.
dane johnson

dane johnson    VERIFIED

Houston, TX 77008
Born and raised in Houston, TX. Set my goals on becoming a lawyer and ever since then i have been a DWI lawyer winning and dismissing cases with passion.
(713) 222-0400
Fred Dahr

Fred Dahr    VERIFIED

Houston, TX 77002
I am a criminal defense attorney in Houston Texas.
(713) 487-7575
David Breston

David Breston    VERIFIED

Houston, TX 77002
At the David A. Breston Law Office, we have successfully represented over 300 clients who have been charged with Federal, State, and juvenile crimes.
(713) 224-4040
Michael Mercer

Michael Mercer    VERIFIED

Houston, TX 77002
Aggressive criminal defense lawyer who focuses 100% of his practice on criminal defense. Providing aggressive criminal defense for anyone facing criminal charges in and around the Houston area
(713) 236-9700
James Butler

James Butler    VERIFIED

Houston, TX 77092
My goal is to help these people return to normal, productive lives.
(713) 236-8744
Korey Huff

Korey Huff    VERIFIED

Houston, TX 77056
The Huff Law Firm is headed by skilled Houston Defense and Personal Injury Car Accident Attorneys who are aggressive and hardworking for their clients, Call Today 713-562-8700
Tad Nelson

Tad Nelson    VERIFIED

Houston, TX 77002
I'm a criminal defense lawyer based in Houston, TX that's mainly focused on DWI defense a specialty law practice. Tad Nelson is Board Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.
Raymond Rutherford

Raymond Rutherford    VERIFIED

Houston, TX 77007
Built on the intensive attention to crucial details that we give to clients’ legal issues, you can be sure that you will be taken care of properly if you come to us.
Eric Benavides

Eric Benavides    VERIFIED

Houston, TX 77018
Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer. As a Houston Criminal Defense Attorney I proudly represent people all over Texas. I am also a Houston Record Sealing Attorney.
Marco Gonzalez

Marco Gonzalez    VERIFIED

Houston, TX 77017
At The Gonzalez Law Group, PLLC, we will take the time to learn about your case and plan a strategy to effectively defend your rights and protect your best interests.
Maverick Ray

Maverick Ray    VERIFIED

Houston, TX 77002
Charged with a DWI or Assault? Contact the Law Offices of Maverick Ray LLC for aggressive legal representation in your criminal defense case. Schedule a free consultation with Houston's highly
(281) 947-2007
Matt DeLuca

Matt DeLuca    VERIFIED

Houston, TX 77002
Matt DeLuca is a DWI Lawyer in Houston, Texas. The Law Office of Matt DeLuca defends individuals who have been charged with DUI or DWI allegations.
Tyler Flood

Tyler Flood    VERIFIED

Houston, TX 77007
As a top Houston DWI defense attorney, Tyler Flood believes in fighting for your rights! In Houston, you can pay a hefty price if caught for a drunk driving case.
J. Cole Brooks

J. Cole Brooks    VERIFIED

Houston, TX 77007
My litigation practice is focused primarily in the areas of consumer law and criminal defense. Specifically, consumer fraud, DTPA, FCRA, FDCPA, credit card defense, & DWI.
Matthew D. Sharp

Matthew D. Sharp    VERIFIED

Houston, TX 77008
The Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp is a criminal law firm with a practice devoted to the defense of criminal charges including felonies and misdemeanors of all stature.
Gary Miller

Gary Miller    VERIFIED

Houston, TX 77002
Gary S Miller is a Houston criminal defense attorney specializing in the defense of all types of cases including drug possessions, assaults and batteries, DWI and DUI, prostitution and theft.
Jon Thomas

Jon Thomas    VERIFIED

Houston, TX 77004
Federal and State Criminal Defense with offices in Houston and San Antonio, Texas
(713) 237-8100
Lori Laird

Lori Laird    VERIFIED

Houston, TX 77058
Former police officer - aggressive, experienced attorney protecting your interests. Criminal law, family law and civil litigation.
Todd Leffler

Todd Leffler    VERIFIED

Houston, TX 77019
CRIMINAL DEFENSE LAWYER Former Chief Prosecutor in the Harris County Criminal Courts at Law for the Harris County District Attorney's Office; Licensed in Texas State and Federal Courts
(713) 650-9800
Wayne Hill

Wayne Hill    VERIFIED

Houston, TX 77027
Wayne T. Hill is a prominent and a highly respected criminal attorney in Houston, TX. Handling numerous high profile cases through out his career.
Justin Surginer

Justin Surginer    VERIFIED

Houston, TX 77055
Justin T. Surginer is an experienced criminal defense attorney specializing in DWI, drug crimes and fraud in state and federal courts in Houston and surrounding Texas.
(713) 589-8855
Eric Nielsen

Eric Nielsen    VERIFIED

Houston, TX 77006
Nielsen & Mukerji, LLP is a Houston personal injury firm specializing in child injury cases - protecting the rights of victims and their families.
Ross Reifel

Ross Reifel    VERIFIED

Houston, TX 77056
I graduated from South Texas College of Law in Houston. I focus primarily on real estate law, immigration law, wills/trusts/probate, business law and some criminal defense.
Henry Nguyen

Henry Nguyen    VERIFIED

Houston, TX 77008
The Law Office of Henry K Nguyen aggressively and vigorously defends anyone charged with DWI, drug crimes, theft, assault, weapons charges along with other state and federal criminal offenses.
Ryan Bormaster

Ryan Bormaster    VERIFIED

Houston, TX 77057
Specializes in Trucking Accidents; Automobile Accidents; DWI Defense and Criminal Defense
Shahin Zamir

Shahin Zamir    VERIFIED

Houston, TX 77002
The Law Office of Shahin Zamir is a Houston based criminal defense firm offering aggressive, experienced representation for those charged with felony and misdemeanor crimes.
M. Irene Wilson

M. Irene Wilson    VERIFIED

Houston, TX 77058
Houston & Galveston Criminal Defense. Licensed in state and federal courts. AV Rated Preeminent Lawyer by Martindale-Hubbell. Free Consultation. Bilingual in Spanish.
(832) 413-5481
Brett Podolsky

Brett Podolsky    VERIFIED

Houston, TX 77002
Accomplished Houston attorney Brett Podolsky has years of experience in all aspects of criminal law.
Ned  Barnett

Ned Barnett    VERIFIED

Houston, TX 77017
I am a skilled criminal defense lawyer, with nearly thirty years of legal experience throughout the Houston area. My range of experience included time as a state and federal prosecutor.
(713) 222-6767
Alma Garcia

Alma Garcia    VERIFIED

Houston, TX 77002
Paul Darrow

Paul Darrow    VERIFIED

Houston, TX 77006
Paul Darrow is a Houston criminal defense attorney dedicated to providing the highest quality representation to those who have been charged with a crime.
(713) 641-5300
Mario Madrid

Mario Madrid    VERIFIED

Houston, TX 77002
Houston attorney Mario Madrid is an experienced criminal defense lawyer well versed in the best legal techniques to positively influence the outcome of criminal matters.
Jay Cohen

Jay Cohen    VERIFIED

Houston, TX 77002
Jay Cohen Attorney at Law is a criminal defense law firm founded by Jay Cohen, focusing on DWI defense and related areas for Houston and surrounding areas.
Tad  Nelson

Tad Nelson    VERIFIED

Houston, TX 77008
Attorney Tad Nelson’s 26 years of legal expertise will serve you well in your case. We believe in being honest, compassionate, and understanding. You can depend on us to be there for you.
(713) 802-1631
Tad Nelson

Tad Nelson    VERIFIED

Houston, TX 77008
Tad Nelson is a native Texan and lifelong resident of the Houston/Galveston area. He's the principal attorney and owner of The Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates.
(713) 802-1631
Sean Evans

Sean Evans    VERIFIED

Houston, TX 77007
Sean Evans is a criminal defense attorney in Houston and Conroe who grew up just east of Houston in Mont Belvieu, Texas.
(713) 622 - 2000
Brent Mayr

Brent Mayr    VERIFIED

Houston, TX 77007
Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Houston
Neal Davis

Neal Davis    VERIFIED

Houston, TX 77002
Neal Davis has dedicated his life to protecting citizens charged with criminal charges. Neal is a board certified attorney specializing in criminal law.
Daniel Lazarine

Daniel Lazarine    VERIFIED

Houston, TX 77002
The Law Office of Daniel Lazarine is a full service criminal defense law firm with a focus on DWI/DUI and other intoxication offenses.
Rand Mintzer

Rand Mintzer    VERIFIED

Houston, TX 77008
Rand Mintzer Attorney at Law is a Houston criminal attorney with over 30 years trial experience with civil cases and criminal matters.
Tate Williams

Tate Williams    VERIFIED

Houston, TX 77098
Attorney Q. Tate Williams is a sixth generation Houstionian. He has practiced criminal law since 1999, and used to co-host a weekly legal talk show on local cable. He loves helping his community
(713) 237-0330
Joseph Vinas

Joseph Vinas    VERIFIED

Houston, TX 77002
Joe Vinas has worked in the criminal justice system for over 15 years. A former Chief Felony Prosecutor at the Harris County DA's Office, he now focuses on criminal law in private practice.
(713) 229-9992
Paul Darrow

Paul Darrow    VERIFIED

Houston, TX 77006
Paul Darrow is a criminal defense attorney based in Houston, TX.
(713) 641-5300
Fred Dahr

Fred Dahr    VERIFIED

Houston, TX 77002
I represent clients in all aspects of criminal litigation, from misdemeanors and felony trial cases to appeals, writs of Habeas Corpus and Clearing Criminal Records cases.
Mark W. Bennett

Mark W. Bennett    VERIFIED

Houston, TX 77002
I'm a Board Certified criminal-law attorney in Houston that's focused on helping people. I believe that defending people is the highest calling for a lawyer.
Federico Reynal

Federico Reynal    VERIFIED

Houston, TX 77002
If you need a federal criminal defense attorney with decades of successful results, contact our firm and discuss your case with THE FERTITTA REYNAL LLP in complete confidence
(713) 228-5900
Brittany Carroll

Brittany Carroll    VERIFIED

Houston, TX 77006
Brittany Carroll Lacayo has helped many individuals clear their records throughout the greater Houston area.
(713) 504-0506