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Lain Lawrence

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Lain Lawrence

Lawrence Law Firm

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1(720) 369-4929

Mr. Lawrence is a criminal defense and personal injury attorney in Aurora, Colorado. He handles cases throughout the Denver Metro Area. He is originally from Arkansas, but he moved to Colorado in 2010.

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A second DUI in Colorado has a mandatory 10-day jail sentence. It is possible to do this time on in home detention depending on the facts of the defendant's case.

A Second DUI has mandatory jail time and harsh punishments. Learn more about the basics and request a free consultation from our DUI Defense Attorney.

A DUI can require a mandatory minimum jail sentence. A first offense with a BAC greater than .2 has a 10-day mandatory minimum. A second DUI has a 10-day mandatory minimum, and a third has a 60-day mandatory minimum. It is important to know that minimum is just that, and courts routinely do impose jail above and beyond that base level. The facts of your case and mitigation you provide will greatly impact any sentence. It is important to speak with a DUI Attorney, and we gladly provide free consultations.

Whether it be a felony or first DUI, our DUI Defense Attorney is here to help. Our firm is in Aurora, but we go to any court in the Denver Metro Area. Schedule a free Consultation today.

Domestic Violence in Colorado is a serious offense. You should always speak with a domestic violence attorney prior to determine your options and best way to proceed.

Domestic Violence Defense Attorney in Aurora, Colorado. We handle misdemeanor, felony, and city cases. Request Consultation Today.