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Robert Motta

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(630) 844-2766

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 Robert M. Motta II is partner with the Chicago criminal defense and Kane County family law firm of Motta & Motta LLC; he concentrates his practice in Family law/Divorce and criminal defense with a focus in Felony Drug cases, DUI and weapons charges.

Mr. Motta’s most recent success includes receiving a Not Guilty verdict in, Kane County, in a possession with intent to distribute 15 kilograms of cocaine case with related conspiracy charges. Our client’s charges were a result of an undercover reverse buy during a joint task force investigation involving the Illinois State Police, the Aurora Police, the Rockford Police, and the DEA. Our client was captured on video surveillance at the location of the drop, both inside and outside of the home, and he gave DEA agents a recorded statement. The evidence presented to the jury included DEA agents’ reports detailing the accused’s “confession”, the transcript of the recorded statement given to DEA agents as well as the video surveillance. The minimum sentence was 15 years and the Assistant State’s Attorney’s last offer, the day before trial, was 8 years.

Mr. Motta is member of National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and ATLA.

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