Affordable Rochester New York Lawyers Near You

Annmarie Cellino

Annmarie Cellino    VERIFIED

Rochester, NY 14614
The personal injury lawyers at Cellino Law offer professional legal counsel and exceptional results. Contact them for help with your claim.
(585) 684-3465
Michelle Cimino

Michelle Cimino    VERIFIED

Rochester, NY 14604
Michelle Cimino is the founder of The Cimino Law Firm. She has been serving her clients since 1997 and specializes in family law and divorce and separation cases as well as employment law matters
(585) 563-2118
Paul Barden

Paul Barden    VERIFIED

Rochester, NY 14604
Law Office of Paul G. Barden, PLLC is located in Rochester, NY and is dedicated to providing quality legal services in the following areas; Personal Injury Attorney, Auto Accident Attorney
Joseph Lobosco

Joseph Lobosco    VERIFIED

Rochester, NY 14604
Criminal defense lawyer practicing for over 30 years. Representing defendants in Monroe County and surrounding areas.
(585) 353-0735
Hadley Matarazzo

Hadley Matarazzo    VERIFIED

Rochester, NY 14618
Attorney Hadley Matarazzo is a partner at Faraci Lange, LLP. She offers expert representation for personal injury victims throughout Rochester, New York.
Matthew Belanger

Matthew Belanger    VERIFIED

Rochester, NY 14618
Matthew F. Belanger is a partner at Faraci Lange, LLP, a position he has held since 1998.
Kelly White Donofrio LLP

Kelly White Donofrio LLP    VERIFIED

Rochester, NY 14604
Rochester Personal Injury & Family Law Attorneys Working Tirelessly on Behalf of Our Clients
(585) 232-1415
Todd Wisner

Todd Wisner    VERIFIED

Rochester, NY 14625
For over 25 years Todd J.W. Wisner has successfully represented those accused of Alcohol Influenced Operating Offenses.
(565) 244-5600
Sheldon Boyce

Sheldon Boyce    VERIFIED

Rochester, NY 14614
For more than six decades, Brenna Boyce PLLC is a premier law firm that offers services to clients in Rochester and surrounding areas
Joe Stanley

Joe Stanley    VERIFIED

Rochester, NY 14604
Stanley Law Offices in Rochester, NY represent injured people throughout Pennsylvania and New York.
Marc Duclos

Marc Duclos    VERIFIED

Rochester, NY 14618
Sole practitioner concentrating in Divorce, Family Law and Criminal Law.
(585) 797-3898
Christopher K. Rodeman

Christopher K. Rodeman    VERIFIED

Rochester, NY 14623
Christopher K. Rodeman Attorney at Law advocates tirelessly for the interests of those who have been arrested in Rochester. Get a free case evaluation.
(585) 928-4193
Donald Bleier

Donald Bleier    VERIFIED

Rochester, NY 14614
I consider it a privilege to represent the people of Rochester and the Finger Lakes region for their Social Security Disability needs. I operated my firm since
(585) 454 2190
James Napier

James Napier    VERIFIED

Rochester, NY 14614
Criminal defense attorneys representing clients in Rochester and New York State, we are carrying on a long and prestigious history of Napier's defending clients in both federal and state court.
Frank Ciardi

Frank Ciardi    VERIFIED

Rochester, NY 14614
The Law Office of Frank Ciardi is a dedicated criminal defense firm that represents clients throughout Rochester, NY.
Robert  King

Robert King    VERIFIED

Rochester, NY 14614
For aggressive, effective counsel from a Rochester criminal defense & personal injury lawyer, call for a free consultation. We fight to protect you.
(585) 270-8882
Carolyn Chase

Carolyn Chase    VERIFIED

Rochester, NY 14625
Practicing Divorce and Family Law in Rochester, NY since 2002.
(585) 485-0025
Mike Ranzenhofer

Mike Ranzenhofer    VERIFIED

Rochester, NY 14625
Rochester Attorneys Friedman and Ranzenhofer have been assisting the residents of WNY with Family Law, Injury Law, Criminal Defense and Estate Planning for more than 40 years.
(585) 377-5504
Adam Militello

Adam Militello    VERIFIED

Rochester, NY 14625
DWI / DUI Defense, Criminal Defense, Professional and Student Discipline, Employment Law
Ben Moskel

Ben Moskel    VERIFIED

Rochester, NY 14534
Kevin McKain

Kevin McKain    VERIFIED

Rochester, NY 14614
An accomplished criminal defense attorney fights for his clients’ rights throughout Upstate New York
Daniel Bronk

Daniel Bronk    VERIFIED

Rochester, NY 14618
Bronk & Somers, P.C. ATTORNEYS AT LAW specializes Workers Compensation, Personal Injury law in Rochester, NY. For over 23 years we have resolved over a thousand cases.
Daniel Bronk

Daniel Bronk    VERIFIED

Rochester, NY 14618
My practice areas are workers' compensation, personal injury and social security disability.
585 348 7529
Rob Lamb

Rob Lamb    VERIFIED

Rochester, NY 14614
Primary Areas of Practice Concentrated in Criminal Defense and Civil Litigation. Has significant experience in the areas of business formation and trust and estate law as well.
585-325-6700 ext 22
Bryon Gross

Bryon Gross    VERIFIED

Rochester, NY 14580
Bryon W. Gross has practiced law in Massachusetts (1991), Connecticut (1992), D.C. (1998) and New York (1999). Further, he is also admitted to numerous Federal Courts.