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Shariff law

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We often come across situations where we desperately seek genuine legal advice and help from people. There could be unfortunate instances where you sustained injuries in a car or truck accident. The excruciating amount of pain and sudden turn of events may compel you to take legal action against the perpetrators. In this unique situation, a personal injury lawyer or a truck accident lawyer at Shariff Law Firm can defend your rights and represent your case in court. 

Based on the principle of justice first and a client-centered approach, Shariff Law Firm is defending the rights of the people of Houston Texas, for the past several years. Established by Mohd. Obaid Shariff, an aggressive and honest attorney, Shariff Law Firm offers legal services in various areas. These are personal injury, business laws, and litigations. At Shariff Law Firm, one can find personal injury lawyers, truck accident lawyers, slip and fall lawyers, work injury lawyers, business dispute lawyers, and several other lawyers.

The Shariff Law Firm, PLLC.

2500 W Loop S Suite 300, Houston, TX 77027


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