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F. Harrison Green
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F. Harrison Green
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(513) 769-0840

"My job is about acting with integrity and ensuring other professionals do the same"


My practice has of course grown and changed over the past 45 years, but certain aspects of it have remained firmly the same. For instance, my philosophy has always been based in the belief that my role is to educate and guide my clients, not to pressure them into any certain course of action. In the same sense, I continue to approach negotiations — both in and out of the courtroom — with a calm demeanor and a focus on the facts.

I still very much to this day enjoy the challenge of a trail proceeding

Staying sharp in the courtroom means knowing how to connect with an audience, get answers from a witness, keep my opponent on their toes, choose expert witnesses, and keep a case moving forward — all of which are vital in the practice of law


Becoming an attorney may not have been in my original plan, but as I look back on a fascinating and long-lived career, I can’t say that I have any regrets. My work has allowed me to put my natural strengths to great use, and frankly, standing up for my clients’ rights never gets old. Who knew reading a memoir could impact so much?

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