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Scott Feifer
Feifer & Greenberg, LLP
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Scott Feifer
Feifer & Greenberg, LLP

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Law School

Brooklyn Law School
1991 - 1995


(212) 255-5556


Scott Feifer has been practicing traffic law since graduation from Brooklyn Law School in 1995.His first associate position was with a small general litigation firm in NYC where he managed the traffic law portion of their practice.

After trying hundreds of cases and establishing numerous contacts within the NYC traffic law community, Mr. Feifer decided to open his own practice. In early 1997, he founded the Law Offices of Scott Feifer and began a practice that would focus exclusively on driving and traffic law related issues. Within a year his practice was firmly established as an industry leader handling such matters throughout New York State.


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If you decide to object to your speeding ticket in court, you will always have the option of representing yourself or hiring an attorney as your representative. Many people question what an NYC speeding ticket lawyer can do to fight a speeding ticket issued in a TVB jurisdiction (NYC, Suffolk, Buffalo, Rochester). Our main priority with speeding tickets issued in NYC is to find a way to get the ticket dismissed in its entirety. Our second goal with speeding tickets handed out in NYC is to get a reduction to the next lower speeding category. We can assure you that we will do everything feasible to achieve a favorable outcome in every case. We will frankly assess someone’s chances of success during their initial consultation. With the fines, surcharges, assessments, increases in insurance, and even suspension or revocation as potential penalties, hiring an NYC speeding ticket lawyer to fight for a reduced charge or a complete dismissal of your case is often a good idea. The attorneys at Feifer & Greenberg are very familiar with the state and local laws regarding speeding, and we know what it takes to help you get a fair outcome in your speeding case. Call us today at (888) 842-5384.

Got a speeding ticket? Don't just accept the costly fines and points on your license. A New York speeding ticket lawyer can have your fines dropped or reduced.

Want to fight a red light ticket in New York? The attorneys at Feifer & Greenberg, LLP are here to offer our services. Not every court case is identical. Some will require a small hearing for every case, while others will permit for a plea bargain/negotiation process where there may be a chance to avoid the points and red light conviction and just pay a fine. In either case, it is always your right to appear in traffic court to challenge the charge in agreement with the particular court procedure. Call or fill out our contact form today, and we’ll discuss the options available to you.

Without the help of a New York red light tickets lawyer, you could end up having to pay $200 to $800 for running a red light. Got a ticket? Call our office.