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About Michael O’Meara

Michael O’Meara is a Chicago criminal defense lawyer with more than 20 years of legal experience. He is passionate about helping people accused of crimes to obtain the best possible results in their cases.

O’Meara is an Illinois native and graduate of The John Marshall Law School who has focused much of his career on criminal cases in and around the greater Chicago area. O’Meara grew up in suburban Chicago in a family of lawyers who instilled in him the values and work ethic he has carried into his criminal defense practice.

“My priority is to ensure that each and every client receives a rigorous defense.”

As an intern in the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office while a law student, he earned the privilege to try criminal cases under supervision with a “711 license” before he graduated law school.

That experience resulted in his being hired as a Cook County assistant state’s attorney trying a range of criminal cases from DUIs to serious felonies such as rape, robbery and murder. Part of his job involved assessing felony allegations, including reviewing evidence and interviewing witnesses, to determine whether charges should be filed.

During his years as a Cook County assistant state’s attorney, O’Meara prosecuted thousands of criminal cases, giving him unparalleled insight into the criminal court process in Cook County.

When O’Meara subsequently opened his own criminal defense practice, he used what he learned as a prosecutor to fight on behalf of people accused of crimes.

He understands that an attorney must genuinely care about the outcome of each case and its potential impact on a defendant’s life. Having seen both sides of the process, O’Meara knows how devastating the consequences of a conviction can be for a defendant in a criminal case. He also understands that a case can be won or lost in the smallest details and that thorough preparation and strong communication throughout a case are critical.

He relishes applying his knowledge and skills in a way that allows him to help people accused of crimes to avoid or minimize the effects of a conviction — and to stand up for their rights against the weight of the government’s power.

Outside of work, O’Meara enjoys traveling and running marathons.

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