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Founded in 2007, LawLink is the first social network for the legal community. All of our features and services are specifically designed for attorneys and other legal professionals. As of 2013, LawLink receives over 100,000 unique visitors per month. LawLink consists of four separate but interconnected social networks:

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$77 For 33 Hours of Florida CLE Full Compliance - Lowest Price
$77 For 33 Hours of Florida CLE Full Compliance - Lowest Price
This compliance bundle provides 33 hours of CLE credit including the required 5 hours of ethics, professionalism, substance abuse, and mental illness awareness credit, along with the required 3 Technology credits.

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Milla Lvovich

Lvovich & Szucsko P.C.

San Francisco, CA 94133
Milla L. Lvovich is the managing partner of Lvovich & Szucsko P.C. Her practice is primarily focused on business, real estate, and intellectual property litigation.

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When most Americans think about the Supreme Court, they think of the nine justices in black robes hearing oral arguments in a stately courtroom. Then, after ...
No wonder there's concern about billable hours.

Zoom hearing gone wrong.

This is a live stream of virtual court proceedings in the 394th Judicial District Court of Brewster, Culberson, Hudspeth, Jeff Davis and Presidio Counties, J...
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is one of the Supreme Court's most recognizable figures. The so-called "great dissenter" has served on the Court for nearly three...

Interesting history of Section 230, plus will it survive?

In recent years, members of Congress from both parties have started to raise concerns about a nearly two-decades old law that helped create the modern intern...
The death of George Floyd at the hands of Minnesota law enforcement has put the issue of police violence and accountability in the national spotlight once again—along with a doctrine well-known to the U.S. Supreme Court.

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This CLE package will satisfy all of your New York CLE requirements! The MCLEZ New York Bundle A provides 24 hours of CLE credit, including 4 hrs of Ethics, Professionalism and Diversity.

California MCLE - Lowest Price. $59 For 25 Credits.

This MCLE package will satisfy all of your Calfornia MCLE requirements! The MCLEZ California Bundle A provides 25 hours of informative and interesting video on demand courses that fully satifies your MCLE requirements.
Something to send all your friends still dumb enough not to wear a mask.

Jury trials in the age of Covid-19 will be interesting.

As the world’s courthouses prepare to reopen, many are installing Plexiglass “sneeze barriers” and instituting face-mask requirements for litigants and court staff. But one especially vexing problem remains: how to bring back the jury and where to put them.

Useful advice to help protect your bottom line.

Our firm-by-firm guide to how law firms are protecting their bottom lines from the economic fallout of the coronavirus.

Is your law firm listed in this article?

Yale Law Women’s latest report on top law firms for gender and family friendliness is taking a new approach, with more categories and more opportunities to acknowledge law firms.