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Richard Weaver
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 Founder Richard Weaver has been successfully assisting clients in protecting themselves through the laws of bankruptcy for more than 27 years.

Have debt collectors been harassing you to no end? Do you worry about how you are going to be able to handle your major bills each month, let alone how you will figure out how to get gas in the car and food on the table? If you are dealing with serious debt, the bankruptcy code was designed to assist you in getting back on your feet. Contact our Fort Worth bankruptcy attorney for more information 

Bankruptcy is an event, it does not need to indicate a state of mind. Rarely to our clients come visit us without getting some form of relief. Often, there will be instances where bankruptcy is simply not the best remedy for the financial hardship, and if this is the case, we will be quick to tell you that there is not a bankruptcy solution. However, if you are dealing with serious financial issues, bankruptcy could be just the thing.

Here Are Some Things Bankruptcy Helps You Stop:

-       Stop Debt Collectors

-       Stop IRS Garnishments

-       Stop Wage Garnishments

-       Stop Lawsuits

-       Stop Credit Card Lawsuits

-       Stop Bank Garnishments

-       Stop the Endless Collection Calls

-       Stop Foreclosure

-       Stop Home Foreclosure

-       Stop Repossession

-       Stop Interest Rates From Skyrocketing your Monthly Payments

-       Stop Credit Card Balances From Getting Out of Hand

Here Are Some of the Options In Bankruptcy

-       Chapter 13 Bankruptcy - Get Your Finances Back On Track

-       Chapter 7 Bankruptcy for a fresh start

-       Ch. 13 Bankruptcy to Stop Repossession

-       Ch. 13 Bankruptcy to Catch Up a Home Mortgage

-       Ch. 13 Repayment to Stop Foreclosure

-       Ch. 7 Bankruptcy to Delay Foreclosure and Perform Strategic Default

-       Ch. 7 Bankruptcy to Stop Credit Card Lawsuits

-       Ch. 7 Bankruptcy to Eliminate Credit Card Balances

-       Chapter 7 bankruptcy to Eliminate Payday Loan Madness

-       Ch. 13 Bankruptcy to Eliminate A Portion of Your Monthly Payments

-       Chapter 13 repayment to Keep Your Home

-       Ch. 7 Bankruptcy to Eliminate Former Foreclosure, Small Business Loan Guarantees, and More

Call our office for a free bankruptcy consultation with Richard Weaver. Our offices are available 24/7. If you face immediate financial crisis, feel free to call us whether it is the middle of the night or during regular business hours. We can handle phone consultations as well as happily welcome you into one of our 25 DFW locations for a consultation in person.

Our main office is located in Fort Worth, Texas, but we also have major office locations in our Arlington bankruptcy law office, our Dallas bankruptcy center, and Plano bankruptcy law offices.

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