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Matthew Miller

Matthew Miller    VERIFIED

Buffalo, NY 14202
I specialize in Labor & Employment Law. I also practice Business Law and Business Litigation.
(716) 854-3400
John Comerford

John Comerford    VERIFIED

Buffalo, NY 14202
At Lipsitz, Ponterio & Comerford our work is more than a profession—it’s our passion. Contact us today to arrange a free consultation.
(716) 849-0701
Ross  Cellino

Ross Cellino    VERIFIED

Buffalo, NY 14209
Ross Cellino, Sr. started practicing law in 1956 and founded Cellino & Likoudis in 1958. In 1995, his son, Ross Cellino, Jr. started Cellino & Barnes and now heads Cellino Law.
(716) 714-0464
Christopher Murphy

Christopher Murphy    VERIFIED

Buffalo, NY 14209
Attorney Christopher Murphy, partner at Doran & Murphy, PLLC, has a strong background in labor law, construction, and railroad industries and organized labor in the rights of injured workers.
(716) 884-2000
Brian Zorn

Brian Zorn    VERIFIED

Buffalo, NY 14221
Brian Zorn is a senior trial attorney at Faraci Lange, LLP, where he represents clients in automobile accident claims, product liability and premises liability litigation, and more.
Stephen Schwarz

Stephen Schwarz    VERIFIED

Buffalo, NY 14221
Stephen G. Schwarz is the managing partner at Faraci Lange, LLP, a position he has held since 1995.
John Falk

John Falk    VERIFIED

Buffalo, NY 14221
Attorney Falk is a partner at Faraci Lange, LLP. Prior to joining the firm he worked as an Assistant DA for Monroe County.
Keith Vona

Keith Vona    VERIFIED

Buffalo, NY 14204
Keith Vona is a highly skilled and accomplished personal injury attorney and co-founding partner at Richmond Vona, LLC.
John Richmond

John Richmond    VERIFIED

Buffalo, NY 14204
John Richmond is a co-founding partner at Richmond Vona, LLC. An experienced and highly awarded personal injury lawyer, he has dedicated his practice to helping those who need it most.
Entering  Canada

Entering Canada    VERIFIED

Buffalo, NY 14218
At Richards as well as Jurusik we are your supporters. It is our duty to recognize your immigration requires, and use you budget-friendly migration choices to obtain your desired immigration
Richard  Herman

Richard Herman    VERIFIED

Buffalo, NY 14202
(716) 800-3837
Chris O'Brien

Chris O'Brien    VERIFIED

Buffalo, NY 14226
At O'Brien & Ford, PC we firmly believe that a successful case is built around open communication between the attorney and client.
(716) 907-7777
Steve Boyd

Steve Boyd    VERIFIED

Buffalo, NY 14221
Steve Boyd is a news reporter turned personal injury attorney to uncover the truth and tell your story. We are a small Buffalo personal injury law firm. We get big results across New York State.
(716) 400-0000
David Binko

David Binko    VERIFIED

Buffalo, NY 14206
For many years the best kept secrets have been explored through Word-of-Mouth!
Barry Sternberg

Barry Sternberg    VERIFIED

Buffalo, NY 14225
Experience Bankruptcy Attorney serving the Buffalo, NY area.
Michael Rossi

Michael Rossi    VERIFIED

Buffalo, NY 14202
The award-winning lawyers at The Rossi Law Firm have represented countless clients over the years.
(716) 854-5555
Arthur  Pressman

Arthur Pressman    VERIFIED

Buffalo, NY 14203
Arthur Pressman focuses his practice in the areas of DWI, traffic law and criminal defense.
Richard B. Friedfertig

Richard B. Friedfertig    VERIFIED

Buffalo, NY 14202
Specializing in veterans benefits claims, unjust conviction claims, and criminal defense.
(716) 961-3260
Bob Friedman

Bob Friedman    VERIFIED

Buffalo, NY 14202
Friedman & Ranzenhofer: Buffalo New York (NY) Attorneys practicing in Personal Injury, Business, Criminal Defense, Divorce and Family Law, Estate Planning and Real Estate.
(716) 631-9999
Mike Ranzenhofer

Mike Ranzenhofer    VERIFIED

Buffalo, NY 14202
Friedman and Ranzenhofer assists individuals and families in the Buffalo New York and WNY area that are working through the issues associated with serious injuries or wrongful death.
(716) 332-7106
Steven Sugarman

Steven Sugarman    VERIFIED

Buffalo, NY 14217
Buffalo Social Security Disability Attorney Providing Legal Peace of Mind When Facing a Difficult Time
Carol Brent

Carol Brent    VERIFIED

Buffalo, NY 14215
I handle social security disability cases from application to appeal.
(716) 831-1111
Charles Messina

Charles Messina    VERIFIED

Buffalo, NY 14219
As a graduate from SUNY Buffalo School of Law with a JD in Law, I specialize in family law and divorce cases.
(716) 980-1959
Randy Margulis

Randy Margulis    VERIFIED

Buffalo, NY 14202
The Law Office of Randy Margulis is a law firm dedicated to helping those individuals and families of Buffalo, NY move forward with their lives by dealing with family law matters.
716 810 9600
Michael Anthony Rossi

Michael Anthony Rossi    VERIFIED

Buffalo, NY 14202
Michael Anthony Rossi is a tough, aggressive Civil and Criminal Trial Attorney who handles Serious Personal Injury, DWI and Criminal Defense, and Divorce, Custody and Support matters.
(716) 854-5555
Al Katz
Buffalo, NY 14260