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Lanza &  Smith

Lanza & Smith    VERIFIED

Newport beach, CA 92660
Reap the benefits of the law firms for all the complicated cases in Irvine. is a highly regarded portal that successfully handles all legal issues, and we work hard to safeguard yo
Michael Jeandron Jeff Roberts

Michael Jeandron Jeff Roberts    VERIFIED

Newport Beach, CA 92660
At Roberts | Jeandron Law, we don’t take chances with your health, safety and financial well-being. we take the business of law seriously to help people.
(949) 719-6885
Monica Graham

Monica Graham    VERIFIED

GRAHAM LAW FIRM, LLP is located in NEWPORT BEACH, CA and is dedicated to providing quality services in the following practice areas: Real Estate Lawyer Newport Beach CA, Real Estate Attorney
Wail Sarieh

Wail Sarieh    VERIFIED

Newport Beach, CA 9266
The State Bar of California certifies as specialists those attorneys who have gone beyond the standard licensing requirements.
(949) 542-6209
Doug Luther

Doug Luther    VERIFIED

Newport Beach, CA 92660
Founded by a top California franchise lawyer, Luther Firm, PC, was built to solve legal issues for franchisees.
(949) 649-4241
Darlynn  Morgan

Darlynn Morgan    VERIFIED

Newport Beach, CA 92660
You can trust our experienced team of lawyers at Morgan Law Group to guide you through this process so that everyone involved gets exactly what they need out of the situation.
(949) 260-1400
Joshua Meier

Joshua Meier    VERIFIED

Newport Beach, CA 92660
Meier Law Firm — Newport Beach Estate Planning Imagine what life will be like when you have the support and guidance you need to protect your loved ones.
(949) 718-0420
Lisa Risner

Lisa Risner    VERIFIED

Newport Beach, CA 92660
Flat fee mediation services. Keep your family law case out of court and keep the cost down. We help clients get their legal issues resolved quickly and peacefully.
(949) 333-9412
Suzanne Leslie

Suzanne Leslie    VERIFIED

Newport Beach, CA 92660
Allen Flatt Ballidis & Leslie represents clients in personal injury and car accident cases. Call to set up your free consult at our Newport Beach office.
(949) 752-7474
Phillip Younglove

Phillip Younglove    VERIFIED

Newport Beach, CA 92660
I earned my J.D. from USC Law and my B.A. from UCLA. I am an award-winning attorney who is aggressive, experienced and compassionate. Contact Younglove Law Group to become our next success story.
(844) 810-1800
Michael Burke

Michael Burke    VERIFIED

Newport Beach, CA 92660
Business Law
Phillip B. Younglove

Phillip B. Younglove    VERIFIED

Newport Beach, CA 92660
The award-winning and experienced team of personal injury lawyers at Younglove Law Group specializes in personal injury claims throughout California.
(949) 441-4000
Robert J.  McKennon

Robert J. McKennon    VERIFIED

Newport Beach, CA 92660
The McKennon Law Group is committed to delivering superlative client service while maintaining the highest standards of legal excellence.
(949) 387-9595
Joe O'Connor

Joe O'Connor    VERIFIED

Newport Beach, CA 92660
J.M. O’Connor Law Group, PLLC is located in Newport Beach, CA and is dedicated to providing quality legal services in the following practice areas: Business Law Attorney, Corporate Law Attorney
Nicole Whyte

Nicole Whyte    VERIFIED

Newport Beach, CA 92660
Nicole Whyte is a prestigious Newport Beach divorce attorney and of the founding partners of Bremer Whyte Brown & O’Meara.
(949) 229-8546
Martin Greenbaum

Martin Greenbaum    VERIFIED

Newport Beach, CA 92660
Greenbaum Law Group LLP is a commercial collection law firm specializing in Debt Collection and Enforcement of Judgement with offices in California and New York.
(800) 519-0562
Mark Peacock

Mark Peacock    VERIFIED

Newport Beach, CA 92660
Our firm was created with a vision to do things differently by helping those who experience unfortunate disruptions in their lives.
(949) 660-7762
Kevin Boyle

Kevin Boyle    VERIFIED

Newport Beach, CA 92660
Panish Shea & Boyle LLP personal injury lawyers have the experience and resources necessary to thoroughly investigate your case and fight for the best possible outcome.
(949) 468-5777
Joseph Nazarian

Joseph Nazarian    VERIFIED

Newport Beach, CA 92663
Accident Lawyers Firm is located in Newport Beach, CA and is dedicated to providing quality legal services in the following practice areas: Auto Accident Attorney, Car Accident Attorney
Alex Conti

Alex Conti    VERIFIED

Newport Beach, CA 92660
Conti Law is located in Newport Beach, CA and is dedicated to providing quality legal services in the following practice areas: Business Law Attorney, Employment Attorney, Legal Malpractice Attorney, Probate Litigation Attorney, Wills Litigation Attorney, Trusts Litigation Attorney, Probate Trial Attorney, Wills Trial Attorney, Trusts Trial Attorney. Call us today at (949) 791-8555. We can help! We look forward to hearing from you.
Marc Lazarus

Marc Lazarus    VERIFIED

Newport Beach, CA 92660
If you were involved in an accident and as a result suffered an injury inflicted on your body and/or mind, you may have a personal injury claim.
Tamar Terzian

Tamar Terzian    VERIFIED

Newport Beach, CA 92660
Tamar Terzian is a bankruptcy attorney serving Newport Beach, Orange County clients with over 12 years of experience in bankruptcy matters, with unique experience.
(949) 301-9829
Jesse Bablove

Jesse Bablove    VERIFIED

Newport Beach, CA 92660
Jesse M. Bablove’s practice is primarily focused on representing injury victims and their families.
(949) 535-1341
Joyce Komanapalli Jones

Joyce Komanapalli Jones    VERIFIED

Newport Beach, CA 92660
Our unwavering commitment to quality distinguishes us from other legal representatives.
Peter J. Pfund

Peter J. Pfund    VERIFIED

Newport Beach, CA 92660
Built on the intensive attention to crucial details that we give to clients’ legal issues