NY JUD § 30-a. Seal of Kings county and of the county clerk, the supreme court and the county court in said county

1. The county of Kings, the county clerk of said county and the supreme court and the county court therein, shall have and use the following seal:

The seal shall be approximately two and one-quarter inches in diameter and shall consist of two concentric circles.  The space between the outer and inner circles shall be colored azure blue.  In the upper part of said space shall be inscribed in capital letters the words:  “SEAL OF KINGS COUNTY,” and in the lower part the words:  “NEW YORK.”

The interior of the inner circle shall have a white or plain background.  Upon such background shall be superimposed a relief map of Kings county.  The map shall be of orange color.  It shall be subdivided by naming and delineating thereon the boundaries of the six original colonial towns which now comprise the county of Kings and by specifying thereon the date of settlement or legal establishment of each of such towns, namely:  town of Flatlands, 1636;  town of Gravesend, 1645;  town of Brooklyn, 1646;  town of Flatbush, 1652;  town of New Utrecht, 1657;  and town of Bushwick, 1660.

Above said map, inside the inner circle, shall be inscribed in capital letters the Dutch maxim:  “EENDRAGHT MAAKT MAGT.”  The literal English translation of this maxim is:  “Unity makes might.”  The meaning of this maxim is:  “In union there is strength.”  The maxim was originally adopted by Peter Stuyvesant, the governor from sixteen hundred forty-six to sixteen hundred sixty-four of the New Netherlands in America.  It also was inscribed upon the first flag of the city of Brooklyn.

Below said map, inside the inner circle, shall be inscribed in capital letters the words:  “THE SIX ORIGINAL TOWNS.”

The orange color of the map is intended to symbolize the “House of Orange” and to memorialize the Dutch who governed the New Netherlands (which included the said six original colonial towns) until sixteen hundred sixty-four, when they were occupied by the British.

The following is an enlarged pictograph of said seal (the blue and orange coloring being omitted):

2. The county clerk of Kings county shall cause the design of said seal (in black and white, the orange and blue colors being omitted) to be engraved upon metal.  From time to time he shall obtain and make available, and keep in good order and repair as many of such engraved metal seals as may be necessary for the proper performance of the duties of his office and of the duties of the clerks and officers in the supreme court and county court authorized to use said seal.  All the expense incurred by the county clerk incident to said seal shall be a county charge against the county of Kings.

3. Such seal shall be used and affixed only:  (a) by the county clerk of Kings county or by any deputy or clerk duly authorized by him;  and (b) by any justice of the supreme court resident in Kings county or by any judge of the county court in said county, or by any clerk or officer duly authorized by said justice or judge.

4. The use of said seal or of any replica or simulation thereof, in form or substance, by any unauthorized person or for any wrongful purpose, is prohibited.  Any violation of this prohibition shall be deemed to be a misdemeanor and punishable as such.