California Water Code Section 81460

(a) The water delivery quantities set forth in subdivision (b) describe, for the purposes of this division, the average daily deliveries of water from San Francisco to the identified entities during the 2000-01 fiscal year. (b) The water delivery quantities are as follows: Average Daily Deliveries in Name Hundred Cubic Feet Alameda County Water District 15,709 California Water Service Company 49,384 City of Brisbane 489 City of Burlingame 6,503 City of Daly City 6,070 City of East Palo Alto 2,864 City of Hayward 24,546 Town of Hillsborough 5,099 City of Menlo Park 4,616 City of Millbrae 3,669 City of Milpitas 9,437 City of Mountain View 14,860 City of Palo Alto 18,438 City of Redwood City 15,753 City of San Bruno 3,266 City of San Jose 6,436 City of Santa Clara 5,473 City of Sunnyvale 13,112 Coastside County Water District 2,070 Estero Municipal Improvement District 7,873 Guadalupe Valley Municipal Improvement District 611 Mid-Peninsula Water District 4,789 North Coast County Water District 4,594 Purissima Hills Water District 2,921 Skyline County Water District 226 Stanford University 3,604 Westborough Water District 1,352 (c) If San Francisco becomes a member of the agency, the average daily delivery of water to San Francisco during the 2000-01 fiscal year, for the purposes of this division, shall be determined to be 118,973 hundred cubic feet.