California Business And Professions Code Section 1646.4

(a) Prior to the issuance or renewal of a permit for the use of general anesthesia, the board may, at its discretion, require an onsite inspection and evaluation of the licentiate and the facility, equipment, personnel, and procedures utilized by the licentiate. The permit of any dentist who has failed an onsite inspection and evaluation shall be automatically suspended 30 days after the date on which the board notifies the dentist of the failure, unless within that time period the dentist has retaken and passed an onsite inspection and evaluation. Every dentist issued a permit under this article shall have an onsite inspection and evaluation at least once every five years. Refusal to submit to an inspection shall result in automatic denial or revocation of the permit. (b) The board may contract with public or private organizations or individuals expert in dental outpatient general anesthesia to perform onsite inspections and evaluations. The board may not, however, delegate its authority to issue permits or to determine the persons or facilities to be inspected.