NY PUB LANDS § 34-a. Leasing and granting of unappropriated state lands to the United States or any instrumentality thereof

The commissioner of general services may grant and convey in fee title or such lesser interest than fee title or, notwithstanding any other provision of law to the contrary, lease without bid, for such periods of time as he may deem appropriate to the United States of America, its departments, agencies and other instrumentalities, including the United States Postal Service, authorized by law to take such fee title, lesser interest than fee title or leasehold interest in real property, upon application by an authorized officer or employee thereof, and upon such terms and conditions as the commissioner deems proper, any parcel or parcels of unappropriated state land which are needed to carry out the functions of such department, agency or instrumentality.  The use of any property conveyed under this section shall be subject to local land use regulation.