I was renting a storage unit from PODS and requested to remove my property and close my account. As we were cleaning out the unit the door on the unit fell and hit my son in the face I rushed him to the doctor.

PODS threw out my property after I received a call at 5:45 a.m. from Russ the manager stating he was returning my property to the POD and would charge me till I picked it up. Three hours later my property was already thrown out. I contacted PODS and am trying to get a settlement, but Ms. Vogt keeps making requests for the same information already submitted. She wants me to pay for the same medical records and have them sent via fax from the doctors office. Or she will drop that part of the case. I requested a sum of $15,000.00, what I would be awarded through small claims. If I retain counsel it will be double that. What can I do to settle this case out of court or is there an attorney that would take the case in the Los Angeles area?
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