Are age discrimination claims coming recent layoffs?

Last updated on: February 14, 2020

It seems that plenty of veterans have been getting laid off by companies and may have been replaced by people with less experience.  Can anybody confirm this?  Is anybody seeing these kinds of claims being filed?   

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I am going to answer your question with a question.  Mr. Choi brought up disability discrimination and I was wondering if an employee who is disabled asks for her position to be modified to make it less burdensome on her physically, would her employer have to make the necessary changes?  And are there ways they may try to sneak around it?  I told her to consult an employment attorney if they refuse.  Was I right to instruct her to do so? 


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Well, if it was resolved to YOUR satisfaction . . . . . I'm thinking it went pretty well.  Do you think you will see more cases as a result of all the layoffs in the economy?