DCFS filed false allegations in Dependency ct, & I can prove everything. The PD has done NOTHING & I have not been allowed to refute. The allegations are fabricated, if not fraudulent, & the Judge should have recused herself already.

Last updated on: February 14, 2020
. My child was adopted through a private adoption, consented by both birth parents, in 2004, after having guardianship since 1999. He is special needs, moderate brain damage form a rare seizure disorder. I am now a widow & he receives a SS payment from my late husband. The birth mother & father suddenly reappeared in his life, secretly, & had a very negative impact & influence, as they went about undermining me, encouraging rebellion, defiance, etc, & causing him to do things that could put him in grave danger, as we have lived a very repetitious life, HABITS are what has kept him safe, etc.They were making him keep these contacts secret from me, which was one of our very important traditions NOT to ever do. IIf a grown up is telling you to keep secrets from me, they are up to something BAD. He became more confused, as he never knew the paternal family or the bio father at all, & now being told I stole him, I abuse him, etc. He would leave home often after talking to the bio mother, & walk down the railroad tracks 25 mikes to go visit his half baby brothers, which she would initiate by telling him they missed him so much..no one ever ried to discuss this with me, & the results were him showing up in the next town after walking, & they would call police to say he ran away from me. DCFS then bame involved, (I already had us seeing a therapist when his behaviors changes so radically, & was working with CCS for programs, etc) I also had requested law enforcement take some prohibitive action to prevent these unwanted contacts of these UNRELATED adults with my minor child, as I now found myself defending my status as his mother, (the ONLY mother he ever knew, & on hs birth certificate) Law enforcement declined to take action against them, rather suggesting to me I accept the inevitable relationship, which I disputed merely due to the nature they went about it. No good parent is going to accept or encourage anything like this that teaches & encourages deceit, anger, secrets, especially in light of knowing that she molested him as an infant & he was recently victimized by a trusted youth minister & his private tutor. DCFS came into it adamantly encouraging the relationship, which ultimately did embed in his mind that I AM the mean, wrong, NON parent & have no right to make rules for him...Resulting removal from my custody 5 days before I could complete the admission & enrollment to Carbondales NeuroREstorative Center, where he would attend the academic program while having a staff if neurologists & therapists formulating a program for his individual needs, & help him transition to adulthood, & hopefully independent living. the never made a single effort to preserve or offer services to us that would have helped, or put any restrictions in place to stop the contact, but INSISTED on it, & this is the way they presented it in court, as me being a wicked witch, & EVEN LISTING THEM AS HIS PARENTS! I have been stripped of everything parental in every way, &
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