Let go while on probation

Last updated on: February 14, 2020
Last Tuesday I was let go from my Executive Directors position after being employed by the organization for just under 4 months. I left a stable and secure position to come to this company and was pursued by them to take on the role of Executive Director there, with the promise that I would be able to maintain a better work/life balance, an offer to match my current salary as close as possible to what I was making previously, as well as a signing bonus. Although, I'm fully aware that the probationary period is designed to help both parties determine if there is a fit, my intention was obviously not to lose my job and to continue to grow with the company. I'm an experience Executive Director and at no time were there any performance issues addressed with me formally or informally. Something changed drastically over a period of 1 and a half weeks that led to this decision, and that information has not been disclosed to me. The terms of my offer of employment state that the Company may terminate my employment without cause during my probation period and provide me with pay in lieu of notice under the ESA. I was offered 1 week ESA and a gratuitous payment of an additional week. My question is; Is the organization within their rights to terminate my employment without cause and not offer anything more than what they offered? Do I have any recourse in this scenario to try and claim a larger severance package? Again, my performance never came into question as far as I know, and performance issues were never discussed with me, formally or informally. Any advice or information you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards
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