Any advice for first year law students?

Does anyone have any advice for an incoming 1L?  I've taken paralegal classes and am scheduled to take a Law School Prep course at the end of July.  Having worked in the legal field, I have a general idea about the actual practice of law, but law school sounds like it will be completely different.  Lastly, does anyone have any recommendations on when is the right time to apply for summer positions?
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Gyi Tsakalakis
Chicago, Illinois
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So how is the first semester going? Anything we can help with on LawLink?


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I agree with the other comments - law school, particularly first year, bears little resemblance to the real world.  However, that is simply something to be remembered when it nearly drives you crazy - it is not an excuse to make up your own rules.  Play by the rules of the professors.  Believe it or not, thier antics actually help you learn the "think like a lawyer" and be quick on your feet.


Andrea Blanscet
Denver, Colorado
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I agree with Natasha about pacing yourself.  Get into a good routine.  Law school is NOT the real world and your professors have their own ways of doing things.  Learn what each professor wants and give it to them - whether you agree or not. 


June Edvenson
Oak Park, Illinois
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I think it's best if you can avoid having to work during first year if going full-time.  Then, it is best to work part-time during second and third year, and try to make yourself invaluable to your clerkship firm.  Employment for graduating attorneys is not a given, so your practical experience should help you.  Still, it's no longer an easy path to wealth:  keep your costs down during school, and utilize least expensive alternatives.


Natasha Cluff
San Diego, California

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Make your own outlines, don't get behind on the reading, if you don't understand or agree just accept it, and pace yourself so you don't burn out early