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Melissa Flagg
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(609) 731-3522

LightHouse Legal

LightHouse Legal Finance, LLC, is headquartered in Langhorne, Pa. As the fasting growing firm in the legal financing industry, we offer a cutting edge approach to lawsuit funding.

Our founders and staff of professionals, have been in law, finance, and credit business for almost two decades. The combination of financial and legal experience at our firm is unmatched.

Thanks to our experience in the financial industry, we understand that customers want their funds as fast as possible.  We can get your approval for  lawsuit funding in as little as 24 to 48 hours. The money can be available to the customer the same day the lawsuit funding is approved.

Plaintiff Lawsuit Funding

Step One – Qualifying for Legal Finance

LightHouse Legal is here to alleviate the financial burden of your lawsuit by offering cash funding in as little as 24 hours.  When you use our legal finance service, you can reduce the stress of what can be a long legal process by getting the cash you need now.

As a plaintiff, you may be facing a defendant with the wealth who can afford to wait out the arduous legal process, while you find yourself struggling financially.  LightHouse Legal Finance can help you relieve the pressure and steer clear of accepting a settlement to soon for less than you deserve!

Effectively, LightHouse Legal Finance gives you a fighting chance.  In many cases, defendants may have an abundance of resources, financially and legally to build their defense.  Lighthouse is here to level the playing field.  Legal Finance provides you the cash you need today, buying time for both you and your lawyer to build a stronger case and get the settlement that you deserve.

As we know that the legal process may be long and difficult, we make our Legal Funding application fast and simple.  You can take the first step by completing our free application in one of two ways.

You can complete the application online via the form below on this page, or you can contact us directly toll free at 

Step Two - Plaintiff Cash Funding

After you have completed and submitted your free application via online or by phone, we will take the necessary steps to contact your attorney via fax to obtain the necessary documentation for funding eligibility.  Lighthouse will carry out all the legal assistance documentation required for funding directly with your attorney.

LightHouse will also provide you a copy of our request so that you may coordinate with your lawyer’s office.

We ask that you provide us with certain documents that your lawyer’s office will have gathered as they have built your case in order to assist you in the approval process for funding.  Your attorney can supply us with copies of the documentation not the originals.  For most cases, we will request one or more of the following:

  • Attorney-client retainer agreement
  • Accident, Incident, or Police report
  • Summary and Copies of Medical Bills
  • Defendants Insurance Information
  • Other documents or materials that are required for you case
  • Other materials that are needed for your particular case and legal assistance

Legal Funding is based on the strength of each case.  Our team of professionals will carefully review the documentation of each lawsuit to calculate the probability of a win at trial, as well as a settlement out of court.  We will use that information to determine if your specific case is eligible for funding.

Step Three – Obtaining Your Settlement Funding

After we have received and reviewed your case file, we will contact you either by phone or via email.  At that time you will be notified if you are eligible for funding, as well as the amount of cash funding you will receive.

  • Following this, we will arrange and send the Purchase Agreement to your attorney.
  • The purchase agreement must be read and signed by you and your attorney, then returned to us.
  • Once we receive the document, we will wire your cash funding directly to the account you provide us.  The sooner we receive the purchase agreement, the sooner you will receive your cash funding!