Bernard Antin - Bernard S. Antin Esq.

Bernard Antin
Bernard S. Antin Esq.
15919 W TEN MILE


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Bernard Antin
Bernard S. Antin Esq.

Attorney Profile
Law School

Wayne State University
1993 - 1996



Essentially this practice is in to finding solutions for clients' problems. Often a situation brings more than a well defined legal issue. Therefore if there is no real remedy available I will explain what the client's options are.

This practice believes in serving clients promptly and with concern as well as maintaining a high standard of integrity.

Because Consumer Law often involves a client's bad experience with a vender or financial institution it is key to be able to convey to a client that she or he is valued, important and deserves better than what was experienced.  

Consumer Law includes -unfair business practices or Credit Reporting or billing issues as well as debt collection practices and other types of breach of contract actions between venders and consumers.

Aside from Consumer Law this practice also does Real Estate, Landlord Tenant and is willing to assist clients find Counsel appropriate for their case if it is outside this office's expertise.