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Christine McCall
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Christine McCall
License Advocates Law Group LLP

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University of Southern California
1971 - 1974



 Christine C. McCall is a partner in License Advocates Law Group. 

          With great pride and excitement, we are announcing the formation of our new law firm, License Advocates Law Group LLP, dedicated to the representation of California occupational licensees and entrepreneurs whose business and  occupational licenses, certificates and credentials are under threat of discipline or denial by the State.

Those of you who are former colleagues know that we three are litigation attorneys who worked together for nearly thirty years at the Office of the Los Angeles City Attorney, representing the City, its officials, employees, and management in wide variety of civil actions including civil rights, employee discipline, personal injury and construction defects. In addition, as Senior Assistant City Attorney, Mike Claessens was responsible for the direction of more than 100 lawyers and support staff in the City Attorney's defense of civil actions.  Bob Cramer and Christine McCall both specialized in employee relations, representing management for years in all manner of labor and employee actions and, then, representing labor and individual employees in disputes against management.  Christine McCall also served as an Administrative Law Judge for the State of California, hearing and deciding cases pertaining to the professional competence and conduct of licensees and license applicants in disputes pertaining to teacher competence and teacher lay-offs, real estate salespersons and brokers, insurance providers and brokers, dentistry, nursing, child care, social services, and the building trades.

We think we bring to our specialized mission a unique depth of experience and breadth of skills that will enable us to serve our clients effectively and efficiently. We hope that you will take a look at our website at, and let us know what you think.  And we welcome your support by helping us to announce our existence to those who may benefit from our services.  Please feel free to forward, save, or bookmark this announcement to share it with those you know who earn their livings in licensed, credentialed or certificated occupations (or those who want to).

We appreciate your good wishes and support as we draw on our collective experience in meeting the challenges of our new endeavor.

Before founding License Advocates with Mike Claessens and Bob Cramer, Christine worked for more than 30 years as an attorney for the City of Los Angeles, the Los Angeles County District Attorney and the State of California. As a Deputy and Assistant City Attorney, Christine prosecuted more than a hundred criminal cases before juries and judges in the Los Angeles criminal courts, and worked as a litigator defending civil cases in state and federal civil courts. She worked as lead trial counsel in a number of complex construction and employment cases, often overseeing the work of numerous other lawyers, law firms, and technical and scientific experts. At one time, Christine was lead counsel in a collection of cases representing more than $300 million in potential liability.

Christine has particular expertise in cases involving allegations of misconduct against police officers and firefighters, government (Civil Service) employees, and teachers. She served for more than 15 years as a union advocate, defending employees against internal investigations and charges of misconduct; in 15 years, only one of her many contested cases resulted in sustained discipline.

         Christine is best known for her work as an Administrative Law Judge in the Los Angeles administrative hearing courts for the State of California. As an ALJ, Christine presided at numerous licensee disciplinary hearings. She decided issues of law, heard and evaluated testimony, ruled on the aCCMcCPhotocropped2dmissibility and credibility of testimonial and documentary evidence, and made Findings of Fact andConclusions of Law on disputed evidence and applicable penalties. She judged a wide variety of occupational license cases involving real estate professionals, insurance producers and brokers, mortgage and banking licensees, motor vehicle salespersons, auto repair dealers, nurses, teachers, child care workers, pest control personnel, bail bond agents, dentists and other license categories too numerous to list. Christine also judged dozens of cases based on denials of licenses. Many of those cases involved accusations of untruthfulness in the licensing application. Over the course of her work as an ALJ for the State, Christine heard many cases where alcohol, marital and financial difficulties were the issues underlying accusations of licensee misconduct.

       Christine has taught and written widely on advocacy strategy and skills. She believes wholeheartedly in bold and aggressive representation that challenges the accuser on every legal and factual issue.

        Christine lives in Altadena. She was a founder of Basset Hound Rescue of Southern California and is now active in Greyound Rescue. She is an award-winning gardener and landscaper, an accomplished cook, and a mosaicist specializing in outdoor installations.