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Dominic Frisina
Dominic Frisina & Assoc.

Akron, OH 44313

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Dominic Frisina
Dominic Frisina & Assoc.

Attorney Profile
Law School

University of Louisville
2000 - 2004


Our mission is to create wealth for our clients through the strategic use of intellectual property. We understand the challenges facing businesses in today's economic environment, and strive to secure and monetize our clients’ intellectual assets. With nearly 15 years in innovation combined as a patent attorney and scientist, I am uniquely positioned to guide clients through the legal maze of intellectual property strategy facing start-ups and more established ventures.

In addition to legal expertise and an unimpeachable commitment to quality, we offer our clients unparalleled value and security. Particularly, we have strategically invested in state-of-the-art practice and intellectual property (IP) portfolio management systems. These systems enable us to intelligently analyze clients’ IP holdings and suggest tactics to exploit strengths, identify and shore-up weaknesses, and generate income. 

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