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Robert Scott
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Robert Scott
Juris Corporation

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Robert S. Scott, founder and President of Juris Corporation has written and produced a CLE approved study 

seminar entitled:  The Anatomy of an Electronic Trial.  He has been a frequent speaker at regional and national 

litigation conferences:  ABA National Convention, Super Conference for Corporate Counsel, ATLA Regional 

and National Conventions.  He is a former faculty member of the National Judicial College. 

Robert S. Scott has held the reputation for being a graphics problem solver.  He constantly strives to 

develop new and effective methodologies to present concepts and evidence for consideration by experts, judges 

and juries.  

Presently, he has developed a new presentation system that allows selected viewers to securely access a 

complete presentation on the web without the need for special software.  This is important for cases with multi-counsel and experts spread across the country or internationally. This presentation methodology is completely interactive with the ability to link from words, say in a timeline, to pictures, graphs, depositions, video, 

animation or the web, immediately. It can be extremely forceful and dramatic. Since its inception in late 2008, it 

has been used in five mediations ranging from construction litigation and eminent domain to personal injury. All 

five cases settled favorably for our clients during or shortly after the presentation was given.  The first time it 

was used, our client was being sued by a branch of the United States military for a  construction problem that 

caused an building to burn down. The suit was several years old.  The demand was for $12 million.  The 

insurance carrier came to the mediation with authority to write a multi-million dollar check.  The mediation 

presentation resulted in a zero liability for our client and, in addition, the plaintiff wrote a check to our client 

in excess of $200,000.00.

In addition, he is working on a new type of interactive courtboard exhibit wherein images on a timeline, 

deposition excerpt, organizational chart or other graphics will drive a separate monitor or projector to display 

animation, 3D visualization or video.  It is expected that this new “exhibit board methodology” will be ready for 

trial around the end of the first quarter of 2010. 

This is the sort of innovative technology that JURIS Corporation can add to your arsenal and,  it can be done at 

a pricing structure that rewards multi-case usage. We can save your clients valuable dollars in a tough economy. 

To learn more about Juris Corporation’s services, please visit our websites: 

JURIS Corporation is: 

A full service litigation support firm with offices in Orlando and Miami, Florida.  JURIS Corporation has 

provided law firms with litigation support services since its founding in 1985.  JURIS Corporation has provided 

support in over 2000 trials with a success rate of over 90%.  JURIS Corporation is known for developing innovative evidence presentation methods. 

JURIS Corporation’s range of services include: 

 • Document management and database development 

 • Document imaging and coding for litigation 

 • Document reproduction services 

 • “Trial by Design” consultation 

 • Exhibit design and production, including: • Three dimensional animation design & production                                             • Three dimensional visibility and access studies • Three dimensional accident recreation animation
        • Multimedia presentation design & production • Large format court board design & production 

        • Digital video and photography services • Precision scale model design & production 
        • In-court technical support and equipment rental 

JURIS Corporation and Robert S. Scott have the ability to work seamlessly with law firms, their clients and experts both nationally and internationally vis the world wide web.  Today, distance and time are no barriers to the development of superior work products.



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