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(213) 286-0371

Laine T. Wagenseller specializes in real estate litigation.  With over 29 years of experience in business and real estate law, Mr. Wagenseller is the principal attorney in Wagenseller Law Firm, a full service real estate litigation firm in downtown Los Angeles.

Mr. Wagenseller’s clients include real estate developers, owners and investors as well as business owners.  He acts as general counsel to several businesses, where he advises the companies on all areas of their business.

After practicing with several large national and international law firms, Mr. Wagenseller established Wagenseller Law Firm to provide his clients with individualized attention and cost-effective legal services. 

Mr. Wagenseller serves as a judge pro tem with the Los Angeles Superior Court and is active in the American Business Trial Lawyers Association, the Los Angeles County Bar Association, Urban Land Institute and other civic and legal organizations.  Mr. Wagenseller graduated from the University of Southern Law Center and .

Mr. Wagenseller is a frequent speaker at seminars and continuing education programs for real estate professionals and attorneys.  He has published articles in the Los Angeles Times, The California Real Estate Journal, The Los Angeles County Bar’s Real Property Section Review, Commercial Investment Real Estate Magazine, 50+ Builder Magazine, Los Angeles Lawyer, The Stewart Title of California Commercial Update and other real estate, business and legal publications.

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