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We are a Family & Divorce Law Firm. We address the challenges in an area as important as your family, the experienced, compassionate team at Boyd Kollar Nolen Tuggle & Roddenberry. Our clients come from all walks of life, and we have earned a solid reputation with judges, our attorneys use a team approach to efficiently handle cases and deliver effective results. We bring passion, perseverance, and dedication to each case, and work tirelessly to protect your interests. Let us help. If you or someone you know is a victim of family violence and other legal issues, contact us today or call us at 770-953-4300.

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$77 For 33 Hours of Florida CLE Full Compliance - Lowest Price
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Member of McCartney & Kan, LLC.
Ms. Fodor's practice encompasses corporate, business, securities, international and family law as well as commercial litigation.
Emory University, BA Political Science/Economics Magna Cum Laude Syracuse University College of Law, JD 2003