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Aaron Genthe

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(214) 957-0898

The Genthe Law Firm has never lost a case and doesn't avoid the courtroom. While results are not guaranteed, we've litigated hundreds of federal and state personal injury cases in Dallas and throughout Texas, with awards as much as high six figures. Each client deserves equal attention! The Genthe Law Firm's extensive litigation experience shows from consultation to trial. To avoid becoming a settlement mill, we try to be selective in taking on clients. We live in an era where it is uncommon for lawyers to see the inside of a courtroom. Many personal injury lawyers in Dallas and other big Texas cities are uncomfortable cross-examining hostile witnesses or are simply inexperienced presenting the truth to a skeptical judge, jury, or arbitrator. Our attorneys are different — we have extensive courtroom experience with a proven track record in litigation when it matters most and when the stakes are highest.

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