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Milano Legal Group hosts a team of dedicated and aggressive personal injury lawyers in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Houston, TX, and Tucson, AZ. We are passionate about providing legal representation for personal injury victims struggling financially and not having the time or energy to run after insurance companies or negligent parties for compensation.

Milano Legal Group lawyers want accident victims to focus on their healing and recovery, which is why we provide legal support during this demanding and challenging time. Our car accident lawyers, truck accident lawyers, bus accidents lawyers, and Uber and Lyft accidents lawyers can dig deep into the details of an accident to help the victims file a compensation claim.

Distracted and drunk driving is a leading cause of car, truck, bus, and Uber and Lyft accidents.

The consequences are often devastating, leaving the victims with severe and sometimes fatal injuries. The last thing on the victims' minds is to handle the legal aspects of the accident, yet they have the right to seek compensation for the injuries and damages.

Milano Legal Group

5444 Westheimer Road, Suite 1000. Houston, Texas 77056



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$77 For 33 Hours of Florida CLE Full Compliance - Lowest Price
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