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Dave Scher

Hoyer Law Group, PLLC

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Dave comes to Hoyer Law Group after serving as principal for the past decade at the Employment Law Group in Washington, D.C, and as a partner at James Hoyer, P.A. He has built a reputation as a fierce advocate for his clients in whistleblower and employee wrongful termination cases. He has achieved major victories for clients totaling more than $90 million in multiple areas, including student loan fraud, medical fraud, equal pay, gender bias, discrimination, and retaliation cases.

Dave graduated from Cornell University with degrees in Statistics and Biochemistry and received his law degree from Fordham Law School.

He began his career in New York and New Jersey practicing in the field of corporate commercial litigation. He then worked as in-house counsel for several major corporations, including Sony Electronics, Pearson PLC, and USWeb where he focused on Silicon Valley during the high point of the Internet boom.

He has specialized in technology transactions, intellectual property, and commercial law. Since then, Dave has focused his talents on being a whistleblower lawyer who fights for justice in qui tam, False Claims Act, whistleblower, and employment cases.

Dave is also a frequent news commentator and has been interviewed by ABC Network News, Forbes.com, Politico, MarketWatch, AARP, and several local news channels in Washington and Florida.

Dave is licensed to practice in the District of Columbia, the states of New York, New Jersey, California, and Virginia; U.S. Tax Court; Court of Federal Claims; federal courts for the Eastern District of Michigan, District of Columbia, Maryland, Eastern District of Virginia, Eastern District of California, Central District of California, Eastern District of New York, and Southern District of New York; and the appellate courts for the Fourth, Fifth, and Ninth Circuit Courts of Appeals.

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