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Chicago, Illinois Process Servers

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Process Services
Process serving constitutes the core service offered by NPS and accordingly, we are able to execute service of process with a level of expertise and economy provided like no other firm in the industry. The reliability and proven track record of our firm as a whole has enabled us to develop an unrivalled client base who utilize our skills on a repeat basis, many of whom have done so for over a decade. You will find our service highly reliable and effective. We are confident that once you use NPS, you will become a member of our very satisfied family of clients.

Expertise - Our process servers ensure a height of diligence unknown to our competitors and such expertise has propelled NPS to the pinnacle in the exacting and specialised field of process serving. Our team is dedicated to serving all legal documents within the time frames required from receipt of documents to the return of the proof of service. We strive to maintain a high level of successful document delivery through our years of experience and relentless determination to serve. Affidavits and Statements are drafted internally by our legally trained staff who ensure that the content and format thereof comply with current legislative requirements.

Efficiency - Through our proprietary network of servers, we can provide fast, accurate process service globally. Turnaround times may vary in some jurisdictions.

• ROUTINE - 2 to 3 days
• RUSH - 24 hour turnaround time
• SPECIAL - immediate

Service of documents on an urgent basis presents no difficulties whatsoever as our process servers are almost continually within reach of any specified location. Furthermore, our  operatives can collect documents for service from the issuing Court, from the client’s office or from another specified address.

Effectiveness - As the trusted leader of legal process services, we do what it takes to effectuate service. Whether our servers need to be diplomatic, aggressive, polite or obnoxious, we see to it that service is made according to your instructions and/or Rules of Civil Procedures. We are acutely aware that more often than not process serving requires to be undertaken at antisocial hours and accordingly, our process servers frequent residential addresses out of working hours and irrespective of holidays and/or weekends in order to produce solid results for our clients.

Geographical location of any given process serving work, from hinterland to metropolis, presents no hindrance to our vast network of full-time, part-time and contracted process servers who cover most countries worldwide.

Locate Services
Our locate service provides an invaluable tool to our clients. We are able to covertly obtain the home and/or business address of a company or subject when he or she has effectively disappeared from last known locations and can no longer be contacted due to a variety of reasons.

As with the majority of the services we offer, locating is conducted on a fixed-fee basis. Prompt results are provided even where the available information is minimal or extremely dated. NPS has often succeeded in locating address information where last known details consisted of a name only or an address dating back well over a decade.

Such information may be required for a variety of reasons including the pursuit of legal action or perhaps merely where a company has relocated. Results are usually confirmed through multiple sources so that the accuracy is ensured to the utmost possible degree.

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$77 For 33 Hours of Florida CLE Full Compliance - Lowest Price
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