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Jeffrey Knoll
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Jeffrey Knoll
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Jeffrey Knoll is an attorney with over 35 years of experience having been licensed in the State of California since 1985, and is committed to protecting and advocating for the rights of individuals and families who have been injured or victimized. He has a long history of success fighting for people’s rights against insurance companies and corporations, in all types of injury and employment cases, including catastrophic injuries, and wrongful death cases, and has represented thousands of clients in his career. Jeffrey has recovered millions of dollars for his clients, and will work tirelessly to represent his clients through the difficult process in rebuilding their lives and resolving their cases for the maximum amount possible.

Jeffrey’s years of experience has led him to critically understand the best ways to handle cases of all different sizes, and with all unique facts. He spends the time to fully grasp his client’s cases to determine the best way to proceed. Whether his cases require litigation through to trial or arbitration, or his cases settle prior to filing a lawsuit, Jeffrey makes sure to be fully involved in his cases at every point in the development of the case. His commitment to his clients is evident in his case results, and overall, success record.

Although born and raised in Queens, New York, Jeffrey desired to move west, and make a life for himself in sunny California. Jeffrey studied to obtain his Juris Doctorate from Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles, California, and has since been a resident of Los Angeles. Although Knoll Law Group is located in the Los Angeles area, his firm has helped injured and wronged individuals all throughout the State of California. Jeffrey is currently an active member of the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles.

As seen throughout the law firm’s history, Jeffrey is a fervent advocate for the rights of injured and wronged individuals. His work and commitment to serving his community has always provided him a great sense of gratification and fulfillment. Jeffrey has helped thousands of clients and their families find wholeness. Whether it has been through facilitating treatment for their injuries, or talking through difficult times, Jeffrey always makes sure that his clients receive the monetary compensation needed to allow them to return to their lives.

What is truly meaningful to Jeffrey, is that throughout his career he has received multiple follow-up phone calls and letters from his previous clients, who have informed him that their case results had truly changed their lives for the better. Whether it was their ability to buy a home, open a business, or even put children through college, Jeffrey has been thanked, time and time again, for his compelling and influential work, which allowed his clients to not only recover, but succeed in their lives. These success stories are what drive Jeffrey in his career, and in his personal mission to fight for justice in society by helping others, one person at a time.

Jeffrey’s empathy for his clients, and drive to advocate passionately on their behalf, is what defines the Knoll Law Group.

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