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Peter Kent
Peter Kent Consulting, LLC

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Peter Kent has been involved in computing since 1979 and online since the early 1980s. First working with software-development teams in 1981 (as a Systems Analyst), Kent has had various roles in software, including user-interface design, system testing, training users, installing & maintaining systems, designing software, and project managing software development.
In 1993 he wrote the best-selling Complete Idiot's Guide to the Internet, and more recently Search Engine Optimization for Dummies, with dozens of other Internet- and technology related books in-between. He has also written and presented several video courses for on search-engine optimization and ecommerce. 
Kent founded an online publishing company in 1998, and a VC-funded ebusiness service provider in 1999. He's been VP of Web Solutions for a national ISP, with 60 Web-development staff reporting to him, and VP of marketing for a Web-applications development firm. 
Since 2004 he has worked as an ecommerce consultant helping companies large and small do business online; he's consulted with Amazon, Zillow, Avvo, and literally hundreds of medium and small businesses.
Kent is currently VP of Business & Corporate Development for a "re-commerce" startup, In true startup fashion Kent's responsibilities are broad, and include designing and project managing the development of the company's trade-in software platform, currently used in partnerships with and 
Kent's overall online experience is extensive; he began working in Web development in 1994, once wrote and published a 60,000 subscriber email newsletter, has worked with banner and Pay Per Click advertising, has marketed via social networking, and has co-authored several books on the JavaScript programming language. Mr. Kent has been providing litigation assistance for several years, working on cases related to patents, trademarks, online defamation, domain squatting, PPC Advertising, etc.

Kent assists with litigation in various areas related to Internet technology and online business, including testifying as a search engine, search engine optimization, Internet software patent, and Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising expert witness

He has worked on literaly dozens of cases, including more than two dozen patent suits.
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