The men and women who work in North Carolina risk injury and death every day. The risks are obvious if you’re a construction worker, a truck driver, or a law enforcement officer, but even if you work in an office or a library, you could suffer a trip-and-fall injury or an electrical injury. If you’re injured at work in the Charlotte area, you probably qualify for workers’ compensation. After you obtain medical treatment, schedule a meeting with a Charlotte workers’ compensation attorney at the Bollinger Law Firm to discuss your right to workers’ comp benefits. After an on-the-job injury in North Carolina, inform your employer at once (or immediately after you receive medical treatment) that you’ve been injured. Then, contact a Charlotte workers’ compensation lawyer at the Bollinger Law Firm and ask that lawyer to review your application for benefits or to help you fill it out to ensure that it’s accurate and complete. A workers’ compensation claim is approved when your employer and your employer’s insurance company confirm that your injury or illness is work-related. However, if your claim for benefits is denied, you’ll need to contact the Bollinger Law Firm at once about filing an appeal of that denial. To receive workers’ comp benefits in North Carolina, an injured employee does not have to prove an employer was negligent or file a lawsuit for damages. Employers purchase workers’ comp insurance, and in return – in most cases – employers are shielded from personal injury claims. However, if an employee sustains a work-related injury because a third party was negligent, that employee may bring a personal injury claim against that party. To prevail with a third-party injury claim, you and your Charlotte workplace injury lawyer must prove that the third party was legally obligated to act cautiously and reasonably, did not act cautiously and reasonably and instead was negligent, and caused your injury with that negligence. An injury that keeps you away from work for a year or more – or a permanent disability – may qualify you for Social Security Disability benefits. Social Security Disability benefits are funded by the FICA taxes that you’ve already paid if you’ve worked, so filing for Social Security Disability benefits is comparable to making an insurance claim. When you seek Social Security Disability benefits, the Bollinger Law Firm will represent you, and if necessary, we will go to court to ensure that you receive the benefits that are rightfully yours. The legal team at the Bollinger Law Firm is led by attorney Bobby L. Bollinger Jr., who has practiced law in this state for more than thirty years. He is a board-certified specialist in North Carolina workers’ compensation law. A board-certified specialist is an attorney who has been tested and vetted by the North Carolina State Bar in order to assure the public that the attorney has a high level of competence in a particular field of law. If you need help with a workers’ comp claim, a disability claim, or a third-party injury claim, contact us now at (704) 377-7677. The Bollinger Law Firm 831 East Morehead Street, Suite 355 Charlotte, North Carolina 28202 (704) 377-7677

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