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John Chadwick
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John Chadwick
Aerosol Technical Solutions, LLC

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Aerosol Technical Solutions, LLC offers 28 years of aerosol industry experience and provides a broad range of aerosol technical services including: aerosol R&D, quality systems & audits, component specification, as well as expert witness and failure analysis services.


Aerosol Technical Solutions provides a broad range of technical services to marketers, manufacturers, fillers and suppliers in the aerosol industry. In addition, Aerosol Technical Solutions provides independent, 3rd party expert witness services, which include product failure analysis investigations.

• Product Development

Aerosol Technical Solutions delivers a complete range of product development consulting services. Our R&D expertise, which includes new and reformulated products, spans the entire process: formula development, propellant selection, packaging design (valve system development, and can selection), and spray pattern & particle size optimization. In addition, ATS can develop and implement product performance testing procedures and aerosol stability testing protocols.

· Formula development
· Propellant selection
· Valves system
· Product testing

• Technical Support
Our expertise and capabilities in providing Aerosol Technical Support Services allows us to quickly focus on resolving problems in a variety of areas. We also act in a preventive manner by updating specifications, and conducting validation studies & manufacturing plant audits.

· Specification development
· Contract manufacturing
· Co-packer audits and validation
· Process development and scale-up
· Product testing / failure analysis
· Aerosol lab design

• Aerosol Quality Systems

Aerosol Technical Solutions has extensive experience in the development, installation, and validation of Aerosol Quality Assurance Systems. This depth of experience allows us to design product specific quality control procedures for all of your aerosol products. ATS has a proven record of reducing customer complaints via improvements in quality systems in the manufacturing environment.

· Design and implement product specific Quality Assurance Systems
· Audit and improve Quality Assurance Systems
· Process validation
· Consumer complaint reduction

• Technology Training
Aerosol Technical Solutions offers a suite of Technology Training courses and seminars in aerosol technology.

· Aerosol technology 101
· Aerosol product and package development
· Aerosol quality control systems
· Product litigations: prevention & damage control

• Expert Witness
Aerosol industry veteran, and Aerosol Technical Solutions' principal, John Chadwick is available to provide a full spectrum of expert witness services, including technical support for case analysis as well as conducting technical investigations to determine the root cause of aerosol product failures.

· Technical analysis for case planning
· Aerosol product failure analysis
· Deposition and trial experience
· Intellectual property disputes

Litigation Support Services

Aerosol Technical Solutions Consulting Services provides litigation support, independent case technical analysis, product failure analysis, written opinions, and expert witness testimony for cases involving aerosol products or aerosol technology.

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