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Before and while attending law school, Caroline studied and worked alongside journalists, both in the United States as a legal researcher and internationally as an intern journalist. She understands the difficult challenges and First Amendment protections that both media organizations and individuals face in balancing the vital role news organizations play in society and the potential harm that results from content permanently published on the internet. Caroline’s diverse experience at the intersection of law and media enables her to understand and navigate this delicate relationship between individual privacy rights and freedom of the press, and advocate zealously for her clients.

Originally from Columbus, Ohio, Caroline trained as a law clerk for Minc Law for two years while attending law school, working alongside a team of experienced attorneys to obtain a variety of website content removals for clients, including revenge porn listings, fake google and customer reviews, and defamatory videos and posts published to blogs and social media platforms, including YouTube and Twitter. She has a proven track record of successfully identifying anonymous posters who go to great lengths to hide their identities to avoid legal repercussions and has assisted in obtaining monetary and equitable judgements for clients. The compassion, empathy, and dedication Caroline provides to each and every client helps them feel at ease during what is often one of the most distressing times in their lives.

When she is not in the office, Caroline enjoys reading, listening to podcasts, and relaxing at home with her dog.

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