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Dr. Leonard Lucenko
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Dr. Leonard Lucenko
Lucenko Consulting, LLC

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(239) 992-0119

Dr. Lucenko has consulted for the plaintiff and defense in over 21 states. As an expert in recreation and sport, Dr. Lucenko has consulted on cases as a testifying and consulting expert. He has been an international speaker on sport and recreation risk management and safety. Dr. Lucenko presented safety papers at the ASTM International Symposia on Baseball-Ice Hockey and Football. Dr. Lucenko has been on the State of New Jersey committee to develop criteria for providing youth coaches with immunity from liability. He has been a National Staff Coach of the United States Soccer Federation and the Director of Coaching for the United States Amateur Soccer Association. Dr. Lucenko is Diplomate of the American College of Forensic Examiners and a member of the American Association of Safety Engineers. He has been an invited speaker in Baseball Risk Management and Safety Institutes of the Major League Baseball Reviving Baseball in the Inner Cities programs for coaches and administrators in Houston and Kissimmee. Dr. Lucenko is a member of the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education and Recreation; National Recreation and Park Association; USA Gymnastics; National Soccer Coaches Association; Sport and Recreation Law Association; New Jersey Association for Health and Physical Education; Coaching Member of National Federation of State High School Associations; Amateur Softball Association; National Playground Safety Instructor; Member of the American Society for Testing and Materials, F-8 Committees, Amusements, ASEP Instructor and more.

Lucenko Consulting, LLC headed by Dr. Lucenko who is a risk manager and safety expert, consulting and testifying in a variety of sports, educational, aquatic, amusement parks and recreational cases. He has worked closely with hundreds of attorneys, insurance companies and governmental agencies in sports and recreational type injury cases.


Lucenko Consulting handles each case with exacting review and careful attention. Clients of Lucenko Consulting can trust and depend on a full range of services that include:

Expert opinion regarding case viability and potential success
Complaint and interrogatory assistance
Requests for case documents, manuals, in-service training
Deposition questions regarding case facts for plaintiff or defense
Standards of care
Forensics of injury reconstruction
Research and review of professional literature
Production of in-depth report suitable for court presentation
Deposition testimony
Trial testimony
Initial consultation and evaluation

When Lucenko Consulting manages a client's case, the client benefits from a comprehensive commitment to professional excellence as well as years of experience, success and achievement. Lucenko Consulting provides to each client unparalleled case management that includes:

Comprehensive review of case documents and materials
Inspection, investigation and evaluation of facilities, equipment or products involved in the incident
Accident reconstruction
Critical analysis of all facts
Preparation of report, including conclusions and opinion regarding conduct of plaintiff or defendant
Verbal or written review of case facts prior to or subsequent to commencement of the litigation

Litigation Support Services

Lucenko Consulting, LLC provides litigation assistance in injuries resulting in education, recreation and sport, including the following: Baseball, Football, Basketball, Track, Soccer, Wrestling, Ice Hockey, Playgrounds, Aquatics, Swimming, Diving, Facilities, Equipment, Inspection, Maintenance, Supervision, Safety Evaluation; High School College Sports, Cruise Ships, Product Liability, Roller Skating, Resorts, Special Events, Stadia, Fields.

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