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Liz Buddenhagen
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Liz Buddenhagen
Buddenhagen & Associates

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Our Atlanta Legal Nurse Consultants Help You Win Cases

Atlanta attorneys count on Buddenhagen & Associates for services that get

Winning medical legal cases requires accurate and strong case-building – and
Buddenhagen & Associates are experts in this field. Plain and simple, we save
attorneys time and money.

Our Atlanta Legal Nurse Consultants provide the following services:
  • We screen and review cases for merit. Non-meritorious cases cost you time
    and money. Right off the bat, you need to know if a case is worth pursuing.
  • We identify appropriate experts. Our experts have the knowledge to
    strengthen your case. Buddenhagen & Associates bring knowledgeable
    specialists to the table  that have information germane to your case.
  • We locate the right expert witnesses. Our expert witnesses are experienced,
 credible professionals who provide authoritative testimony that advances your     
  • We provide an absolutely thorough case review. Our written and verbal
 reports are meticulously prepared in a detailed, logical step-by-step format. This
 makes it easy for you to zero in on the precise data you need to further your       
  • We define and critique relevant standards of care. This critical intelligence
 provides those essential keys to causation
  • We prepare chronologies and timelines.  We’ll provide you with a crystal-
    clear overview of the case and its possibilities. Buddenhagen & Associates give
    you a full briefing on the pertinent facts, the evidence, the events and the key
    individuals involved.
  • We perform pharmacological evaluations and assess alleged damages
    and injuries.  We will summarize the medications relevant to your case, their
    possible side-effects and implication for alleged damages and injuries.

Our Atlanta B&A Legal Nurse Consultant team also excels at:
  • Medical billing and coding analysis
  • Medical cost projections/Future medical assessments/Medicare Set-Asides
  • Researching medical literature
  • Fraud and tampering evaluation
  • Evaluating long-term care issues and locating life care planners

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